A strikingly accurate triangle of clouds was seen in Michigan

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A strikingly accurate triangle of clouds was seen in Michigan

The United States of America, as you know, is on the first place in the list of countries most visited by the so-called "flying saucers", but other celestial phenomena that surprise Americans no less than aliens are not uncommon on this earth. A few days ago, for example, residents of Michigan noticed a perfectly even triangle made from clouds. According to Western media, photographs taken by one of the witnesses with a mysterious appearance immediately began to gain popularity among the regulars of the World Wide Web, who began to discuss the geometric figure and divided into skeptics and those who believe not only in traditional science.

According to the press, a strange pattern appeared in the sky above the city of Taylor on July 4, on Wednesday. According to local residents, something very similar to a pyramid hung in the sky, which they had never seen before. Most of the townspeople decided that the blame was on the wind, which miraculously was able to give the clouds a triangle shape. However, alternative researchers, as well as their admirers, are in no hurry to agree with this opinion. Experts in mysterious events are well aware that nature with enviable hatred refers to any geometric entities, and therefore created over Michigan may be the work of a different mind. According to one version, the aliens once again let themselves know.

The most intelligent Internet thinkers, in turn, started talking about the so-called geoengineering, with the help of which certain people have the opportunity to influence climatic conditions artificially. There is also a hypothesis related to intelligent clouds among netizens. As you know, such a point of view is often put forward even by scientists when similar situations occur in the sky. The clouds in this case act as if they can think. Someone even suggests that there is a special kind of atmospheric water vapor that has a soul and is a living creature. However, the classical luminaries of science do not want to believe in this at all, but the remarkable event in Taylor cannot be explained to them yet.

Interestingly, among those who are now discussing a cloudy triangle in the United States, there were ardent fans of the film "The Matrix". Their hypothesis says that we all live in a virtual world created by a higher mind, perceiving it as reality, as was shown in the action movie in Keanu Reeves in the title role, and the triangle in the clouds is just a system marriage. Failures in this matrix sometimes occur, say the Americans, whose fantasies beat over the edges, and people, of course, perceive them as natural anomalies. However, a people with a more ordinary mentality only laughs at them, not doubting that the geometric figure is just a bizarre fruit of nature.

As you know, the famous creator of spacecraft Ilon Mask, not so long ago admitted that he also believes in the theory of reality invented by someone. The creator of the companies SpaceX and Tesla has almost no doubts about the matrix concept of our lives and is going to study this issue in his free time, which this person, by the way, is incredibly small. Among other things, the dollar millionaire does not exclude the existence of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, and also believes that if aliens really exist, then flights of people to Mars and the Moon all the more make sense. Before that, we recall, the 47-year-old engineer announced his intention to build a whole city on the Red Planet. Moreover, the implementation of the corresponding project is already in full swing.

The other day, a mysterious formation, also resembling a geometric figure, was noticed by the inhabitants of Canada. According to witnesses, a strange appearance appeared in the clouds in the form of a flat pyramid, the exact forms of which struck them. Many eyewitnesses suggested that the culprit was the traditional alien flying ship, flying through the clouds and giving them their form. Other lovers of speculating on mysterious topics remembered the famous Hollywood film "Independence Day" with Will Smith, where a similar picture was shown.