Aliens involved in the destruction of the giant American telescope

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Aliens involved in the destruction of the giant American telescope

In the 60s of the last century, the Green Bank telescope, which was supposed to take the space exploration industry to a new level, was built in the USA, which was huge and more advanced than its predecessors. Unfortunately, the new brainchild of Americans did not live up to expectations at all, having worked for a somewhat small amount of time, and it broke. According to ufologists, aliens are involved in this, for whom such a powerful device in the hands of people was unprofitable.

The majestic complex began to literally fall apart before our eyes almost immediately after commissioning. Understanding the causes of what was happening, government authorities declared contractors to be the culprits, who unscrupulously performed their duties. Maybe, of course, it is, only ufologists quote a different truth.

Flying saucer hunters believe that the Green Bank was disabled by aliens who could not allow humanity to learn with this equipment what it was not yet ready for. This is, indeed, a very strange situation, since absolutely all the employees involved in the construction and operation of the telescope claim that there were no prerequisites for such a turn of events – the new, modern equipment should have worked like a clock.