Astronomers: Nibiru will appear next to the Earth in August

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Astronomers: Nibiru will appear next to the Earth in August

Independent researchers said that next month the same Nibiru will appear next to our planet, about which various rumors have been circulating in recent years. They came to such a sad conclusion, observing a comet, which very quickly approaches the Sun. According to experts, in August, people will be able to observe the cosmic body without the aid of magnifying devices.

An amateur astronomer from the Australian continent named Michael Jager on his page on the social network published a photograph of his luminous ball flying in outer space. The researcher noted that the object has incredible dimensions – about 260 thousand kilometers in diameter, and this is almost twice as large as that of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Other experts in astronomy entered into a dispute with Jager, who said that the object represented in the photograph cannot be a comet, since there is no characteristic feature for these celestial bodies – the so-called tail. Some even claim that not one object rushes towards us, but two. Today, it’s quite difficult to say for sure what this mysterious “wanderer” really is.

Meanwhile, on the Web, users are talking with might and main about the approach of the deadly Nibiru, which will cause the death of all life on Earth. Conspirologists say: more frequent natural disasters and a noticeable change in climate serve as confirmation of the impending catastrophe, because Planet X is so large and powerful that its effect on the Earth is very pronounced.

Representatives of official science claim that no mysterious planet is approaching the Earth, otherwise it would have been fixed long ago by telescopes. Supporters of the conspiracy theory do not believe the words of government officials, because, in their opinion, the truth is hidden from the public, and the truth is that in the same NASA has long been aware of Nibiru flying directly to our planet and the inevitable end. According to another theory, scientists do not lie, saying that they didn’t catch anything like this, but this does not mean that Nibiru does not exist. The fact is that this mysterious cosmic object has truly magical properties that help it to disguise itself perfectly, so that humanity has no chance to detect it.