Australia is creating its own space agency and is preparing to enter the world level

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Australia is creating its own space agency and is preparing to enter the world level

The Australian government has announced the creation of a national space agency. The headquarters of the new institution will be based in Adelaide, the administrative center of the state of South Australia. The official website of the authorities also states that the state plans to invest $ 41 million in the first project.

“Our agency will provide ample opportunities for national business, as well as contribute to Australia’s global entry into the space sector. The state will allocate $ 41 million, which will be an excellent platform for the construction and improvement of the space cluster. We believe that by 2030, the organization will be enriched with at least $ 12 billion in private investment and create about 20,000 new jobs for the country, ”said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The authorities expect that the agency, which is scheduled to start work in the middle of next year, will serve as a point of active growth not only for the city, but for all of Australia, where, by the way, there are already a number of enterprises specializing in the space industry.

“The agency’s headquarters in Adelaide will bring Australian space-oriented and defense enterprises to a higher level, which currently employs 800 of our compatriots,” said Karen Andrews, the Australian Minister of Industry, Science and Technology.

Scott Morrison added that the Australian government is set to invest in the global space program, too, including in the projects for the production and launch of orbiting satellites. The preliminary amount of investment is about 260 million dollars. The goal is to improve the quality of mobile and satellite communications in the continent.