Brazilians are intrigued by a UFO crashed into the ocean

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Brazilians are intrigued by a UFO crashed into the ocean

Despite the fact that the so-called "flying saucers" are known for their agility, recently their fall on planet Earth has been making itself felt. Of course, it is impossible to say that accidents occur precisely with spacecraft of aliens, but the fact remains that something began to fall from the sky too often. Another evidence of this opinion can be considered an incident captured on camera in the eastern part of Brazil. According to foreign media reports, an incomprehensible luminous body at great speed landed in the ocean. This happened last Saturday, July 7, in the dark. Eyewitnesses of the mysterious moment were the inhabitants of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in particular, people living in coastal settlements: Barauna, Severiano Melo, Mossoro and Assu.

A video footage of the incident, presented to the public, was created by a local resident named Daniel Fortunato, who was at the time of the incident near the beach of St. Christopher. According to the author of the remarkable material, the UFO burned very brightly during the flight and flashed before the crash into the water. All this can be seen in the video, which, by the way, lasts only five seconds, but this is enough to understand what happened that evening. The publication has already accumulated 75 thousand views and a bunch of different comments from users, traditionally divided into incorrigible skeptics and avid lovers of humanoid legends.

The majority of Internet thinkers saw an ordinary meteorite in the video, but YouTube regulars were found with a slightly different point of view. As it seemed to particularly observant participants in the active discussion, just before the collision with water, the object changed its fall path. Proceeding from this, it was believed that the spacecraft itself crashed directly, trying to by all means to bypass the tragedy.

Representatives of ufological centers, in their turn, supported the conclusion related to the fall of the alien aircraft. At the same time, alternative scientists are not in a hurry to claim that the aliens crashed, since it is highly likely that the "guests" from another planet deliberately went under water. It’s not entirely true, however, it is clear why the “green men” decided to do so. But according to one of the versions, announced by experts on such phenomena, they are interested in studies of various components of our planet, including water.

A few days ago, a similar event appeared in the Russian press when a resident of Volgograd posted a picture with a bright orange ball on the World Wide Web. As the woman explained, an exploding alien ship landed in the frame of her mobile device. The author of entertaining content even told about the continuation of the mysterious story. According to the witness of the air accident, the UFO did not fall to the ground, having managed to return to the required height and escape from the place of the incident. In addition, several other local residents reported the same incident. But they didn’t shoot anything.