Comet "The Incredible Hulk" is rapidly approaching the Sun

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Comet "The Incredible Hulk" is rapidly approaching the Sun

The Austrian astronomer received photographs of a green comet called "The Incredible Hulk" by analogy with a fantastic Hollywood movie. A space object at high speed approaches the Sun. Surprisingly, in just a few hours, the comet's glow increased by as much as 1600%.

The astronomer determined that the gas cloud concentrated around the core of the "caudate traveler" is about 4 angular minutes, which means the following: the diameter of the comet’s atmosphere is 260 thousand kilometers, and this figure is twice as good as the jupiter. Thanks to such outstanding parameters, it is quite convenient to observe this celestial body using telescopes.

The Incredible Hulk is rapidly approaching the main star of our star system, but its further fate is not entirely clear, because soon the object will have to face the sphere of extreme temperatures. Perhaps the comet will be destroyed, but there is another option in which, under the influence of a powerful impulse, it leaves the boundaries of the solar system, continuing the journey already in the neighboring star structure.

The Incredible Hulk Comet was discovered in 2017 with the help of panoramic viewing telescopes and a quick response system Pan-STARRS, installed on top of the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Kea.