For 125 million euros you can play a wedding on the moon

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For 125 million euros you can play a wedding on the moon

ApoteoSurprise, a company specializing in organizing custom weddings, has added another to the list of services. Now the groom can make a romantic marriage proposal during an exciting flight over the moon. Thus, the popular expression "get the moon out of heaven for a beloved" for the first time will turn into a great deal in reality.

You can use the new service from March 2022, the package of which includes the following events:

– Over 12 weeks, customers will undergo physical training, as well as study the technical part.

– Sending into space will be made from the site of the Kennedy Cosmodrome, which is located in the US state of Florida.

– At that moment, when the bride and groom feel weightlessness for the first time, the symphonic poem “So said Zarathustra, Op. 30”, composed by German composer Richard Strauss, will play.

– The spacecraft will reach the lunar orbit, where it will circle at an altitude of 200-300 kilometers.

– Around the middle of the journey, lovers will hear the famous composition of the legendary Frank Sinatra "Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon". At this special moment, the groom will take out a pre-prepared ring and give the bride.

“The moon craters can be watched by an impressive sunny sunrise, followed by the road home for four hours.

I must say that pleasure is not cheap, which only multimillionaires can afford. So, for the opportunity to fly over the Earth’s satellite in the company of the second half will have to fork out for 125 million euros.