Fragments of a giant meteorite that fell in the spring are searched in the Pacific Ocean

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Fragments of a giant meteorite that fell in the spring are searched in the Pacific Ocean

On March 7, 2018, a giant meteorite exploded in the atmosphere over the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, and its debris crashed onto the water surface. Now a group of scientists is exploring the depths of the ocean in order to detect fragments of a space object.

Marc Fries, curator of the Cosmic Dust project, said the meteorite was the size of a golf course. At the bottom rests parts of a celestial body with a total mass of three tons. The specialist admitted that for more than 20 years of his career, this meteorite has become the largest of all observed.

Several organizations are engaged in search work at once: The Ocean Exploration Trust, Olympic Coast National Marine Reserve, NASA and University of Washington. It uses, in particular, the special vessel Nautilus, which is currently exploring a water area of ​​more than a square kilometer.

In the entire history, this has not happened before, so that specialists could get meteorite fragments from the bottom of the ocean and restore it, but perhaps this time everything will work out. If successful, part of the space traveler will be decorated with the Smithsonian Museum, which is located in the American capital.

In the current decade, there have been several more incidents related to the fall of meteorites. In January 2018, a ball of fire appeared in the sky over Michigan, forcing experts to go in search of fragments of a huge stone that had collapsed in the atmosphere. One can not fail to mention the incident that occurred in the winter of 2013, when a meteorite fell near Chelyabinsk, which caused great damage.