Giant crop circles discovered in Kazakhstan

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Giant crop circles discovered in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, where recently strange phenomena have been making themselves felt, they again noticed something unusual. But if a little earlier a huge ring of clouds appeared over this country, now the inhabitants were alarmed by the mysterious appearance on earth. According to the press, in the Aktobe region, giant balls were formed in the fields, which many Internet patrons, as well as UFO experts, associated with new landings of "flying saucers." At the same time, many of them assert that before there was nothing like that in that place, as evidenced by the data taken from Yandex.Maps. It is worth noting that users of Google Maps also did not see anything in the corresponding territory a few days ago. People who do not exclude the existence of extraterrestrial life even sounded the alarm, suggesting that the "green men" began to storm the Earth.

However, there could be no evidence that the occurrence is fresh. The fact is that Yandex updated its maps not so long ago, but Google did not have time to do this, and therefore at the same time and in one place there were completely different pictures. Representatives of ufological organizations immediately took up a strange turn of events, since most of all the anomaly resembles the traces of classical spacecraft created by aliens, the existence of which is not even ruled out by the authorities of many countries. In addition, the president of the United States of America, most often visited by unidentified flying objects, even pledged to allocate money to “chase” the aliens.

The mysterious phenomenon in Kazakhstan consists of six green circles. Moreover, inside each circle you can notice some strange patterns that resemble tracks. Skeptics, as always, began to talk about human pleasures, hinting that it was the earthlings who created them. However, in the current case, this point of view rightly seems too faded. As the researchers emphasized, the formations in the fields are too large, and to attribute such a thing to grass cutting masters is possible only in cases where the size of the drawings is not so impressive. It follows from this that the option that cannot be connected with specialists in such matters is currently being considered. And even if there were a lot of them, they would not be able to draw so evenly because of all the same huge sizes of a remarkable creation.

According to mysterious history experts, the aliens were most likely to blame precisely for the aliens, who had once again flown to our planet in order to study people's lives. Moreover, experts on paranormal phenomena believe that huge circles could appear on the background of an energy breakthrough associated with the activities of representatives of other worlds. It is worth noting that before this point of view was repeatedly voiced by alternative scientists dealing with similar anomalies in the fields.

But only Internet thinkers are ready to comment in detail on what happened. Professional researchers, in turn, plan to go to a point with strange circles in order to make a preliminary conclusion there. After this, the researchers will closely engage in the search for the nature of the anomaly.

Earlier it was reported that in four days mysterious circles formed in different cities in Switzerland and the UK in different cities, which were also taken seriously by the followers of the officially recognized science. But ufologists considered that so often large round drawings on the grass could not appear, given the fact that they arose almost at the same time. Prior to this, such formations often made themselves felt in North America.