Giant near-solar object excited scientists

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Giant near-solar object excited scientists

The Sun, which has been a gigantic star of our system that has been known to all for a long time, is still fraught with many secrets, and even the most experienced scientific bodies cannot answer all the questions related to this cosmic body. Scientists cannot tell about the reason why strange objects fly near a huge bright ball, one of which made itself known not so long ago, thereby confirming that the Sun is very interesting not only for earthlings, but also for someone something else. In a video published by independent researchers, one can clearly see a certain phenomenon flying over the solar surface. The strange development of events has become a compelling reason for new online conversations about representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

A mysterious moment was spotted by the STEREO observatory's camera, which was sent to the heliocentric orbit in order to carefully study the activity of the Sun in May 2018. The novelty, which immediately intrigued the regulars of the World Wide Web, could not help attracting employees of ufological organizations, in connection with which it soon began to be discussed on the channel A51: S Studios, which belongs to paranormal experts. The authenticity of the content, according to relevant experts, can be no doubt. According to experts, the spacecraft, created by the so-called "green men", who wanted to explore the solar surface against the background of certain goals, fell into the frame.

As you can see in a remarkable video, an unidentified object looks like a ring with a rhombus in the middle. Moreover, according to the calculations of ufologists, the size of the space "guest" is comparable to the size of our planet. Now alternative scientists are trying to understand who and how could build such an extraordinary ship. According to one of the conspiracy theorists, a huge new-generation flying saucer, created by aliens specifically for studying solar activity, fell on the camera. There is also an opinion that the public was mistakenly shown a secret space station created on Earth because of the soon destruction of the Earth. As researchers who are not deprived of fantasies suggest, it is at this station that people will be able to live after a global tragedy on the globe.

However, skeptics have an opinion on this subject, which is very different from the hypotheses of thinkers who believe in aliens. Adherents of traditional science have no doubt that the phenomenon in the video with aliens is in no way connected, and the true cause of the current hype around the mysterious material is the problems with the STEREO camera. However, experts have already checked this scenario and said that everything is in order with the camera.

Among other things, at the beginning of June this year, an incomprehensible occurrence was also discovered near the Sun. Then astronomers noticed a very large object, the nature of the formation of which was never found out. Interestingly, scientists equated the size of the astounding find to the size of Jupiter.