Ilon Musk is associated with aliens: Another UFO appeared next to the aircraft of the inventor

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Ilon Musk is associated with aliens: Another UFO appeared next to the aircraft of the inventor

The famous billionaire and inventor Ilona Mask was suspected in connection with aliens. It happened after watching the videotape, which captured the flight of the Dragon spacecraft, created by the head of SpaceX. The guys from the popular YouTube channel, thirdphaseofmoon, who noticed some other flying object next to the ship, misunderstood. The most interesting thing is that when viewing a record it seems that the Dragon and the mysterious UFO somehow interact with each other.

Last week, Dragon went to the International Space Station to deliver products for the crew for Christmas and New Year. A video of this flight was later published on the Web, which immediately became the object of close study by ufologists and other mystical lovers. And it was not for nothing that UFO hunters tried, because the cadres presented them with a nice present.

At some point, an incomprehensible object smoothly flies past the spacecraft, and its appearance very much resembles the legendary aircraft TR-3B Astra made in the USA, which contains many myths, many fascinating stories are told. But, most likely, as ufologists and ordinary Internet users believe, we have witnessed the emergence of alien technology.

Someone from the thirdphaseofmoon followers even suggested that the beloved Ilon Mask was somehow connected with the aliens, who may have been sharing alien technology with him, which is used in the development of aircraft.

By the way, this is not the first time that a UFO is being observed next to SpaceX vehicles. Last month, a video of the launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle became popular in the media. The frame clearly shows an object in flight that strongly resembles an alien spacecraft called the Black Knight, which, according to legend, often appears in Earth orbit and monitors human activities.