In the RAS, they sounded weighty evidence that the Americans were on the moon

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In the RAS, they sounded weighty evidence that the Americans were on the moon

It is no secret that in the media for more than a dozen years, the hypothesis that the landing of American astronomers on the Moon was only a well-directed production has been constantly exaggerated. Thus, the Soviet and then the Russian people still had hope that in the struggle for the development of the earth satellite their state did not lose in actual fact. But Yuri Kostitsyn, director of the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, considers such conspiracy theories to be pure nonsense, because there is weighty and indisputable evidence that the States really were on the surface of the Moon.

In 1961, the NASA Apollo program was launched, within which seven manned missions to the moon were carried out, one of which crashed. Each time, astronauts took with them to Earth the soil samples of the Earth satellite, the total mass of which amounted to about 300 kilograms.

Kostitsyn is convinced that somehow it is not possible to forge the lunar soil. Basalt was the main part of the rocks, which went to the laboratory table, and the best professors of the USSR, Germany and France were engaged in its research.

“There are basalts on Earth too, but in their chemical composition, properties, and structure, they differ significantly from the lunar one. On Earth, there are no rocks older than three or seven billion years, and the Americans brought a substance whose age is more than four billion years, which is very close to the age of the solar system, ”the expert noted.

In addition, the Americans delivered more regolith – residual soil, which is the product of space weathering of the rock in place, which is not the case on our planet.

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