Israeli lunar rover "Bereshit" went into earth satellite orbit

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Israeli lunar rover "Bereshit" went into earth satellite orbit

The Israeli-made Lunar Rover "Bereshit" brought its engines to work, passed the pull of the Earth and established itself in circumlunar orbit. The astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell and Lynn Barnett, a participant in the project, told about it.

“Apparently,“ Bereshit ”went into a circumlunar orbit – show telemetry data that the engines of the device coped well with the maneuver, changing its speed of movement by 323 m / s. We will receive exact information only after SpaceIL calculates its new orbit, ”the specialist wrote on his page on the social network.

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Initially, Bereshit was created as part of an interesting competition called Lunar XPrize, where private companies were asked to create a lunar rover and test it on the “battlefield”, for which they promised a reward. The developers of Bereshita could not win, but it didn’t matter, as the competition was covered about a year ago. Nevertheless, the company SpaceIL decided not to stop and bring the matter to the end, attracting new investors to the project.

As a result, the launch did take place, and after a few weeks of flight, it became clear that the Israeli apparatus was coping pretty well on its way to an earth satellite. According to experts, Bereshit is already in orbit, and the landing should take place on April 11.

The 4th number of Bereshit turned on the main engine for 6 minutes, due to which it managed to slow down to 1000 km / h, moving it from the near-earth orbit to the lunar one.

Having landed on the lunar surface, the first in the history of the Israeli lunar rover will make several jumps, take photographs and conduct some scientific work. He will do all this for as long as the battery power and electronics allow, which sooner or later will overheat.