Numerous UFOs were observed by Chelyabinsk citizens from evening to morning

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Numerous UFOs were observed by Chelyabinsk citizens from evening to morning

The Russian Federation, which has recently been subjected to constant “bombardment” by UFOs, still cannot find the reasons for such an unexpected turn of events, despite the great number of mysterious affairs specialists who quickly gathered in connection with such a situation in this country. And while Russian ufologists continue to search for answers to questions related to "guests" from other planets, they do not even think of stopping their travels to different cities of our country. A few days ago something strange made itself felt over Chelyabinsk. According to eyewitnesses, some burning spots appeared in the sky, raising alarm among the inhabitants of the city. Against the background of the incident, they even began to talk about the alien storming of the area.

According to the press, on July 10 in the evening, a photojournalist of the Lentachel magazine noticed an abnormal formation near the railway station. According to a media worker, it seemed that humanoids were about to take over Chelyabinsk. There is an assumption that unidentified objects were located over the Leninsky district. It is also possible that they were several kilometers from the city. Accurately know their coordinates without the necessary devices for this will not work. In the photographs taken by the journalist, you can see only a few bright points that arose in the skies quite unexpectedly in the evening and sagged there until the morning. It’s not entirely true, however, which particular objects hovered over the settlement, but one thing is certain – they were not stars, and this fact made the residents of Chelyabinsk experience a certain tension.

It has long been no secret that Chelyabinsk, like its surrounding territories, is characterized by anomalous activity: UFOs constantly appear there and other strange events occur. There are legends about the ghosts that live in and around this city. However, no one has yet shown any facts confirming the presence of ghosts in the mentioned zones, but there is a lot of evidence of the fall of strange objects.

Chelyabinsk is shrouded in mysteries after a meteorite falls in Lake Chebarkul. In 2013, we recall, the cosmic body caused significant damage to the city, scattered right before the crash into small pieces that crashed buildings and cars. At the same time, only a fluke helped save people from a huge tragedy, which certainly would not have been avoided, a heavenly stone would scatter on the earth, and not above it. According to researchers, that explosion was stronger than the explosion over Hiroshima.

Seven days ago, by the way, Chelyabinsk residents already saw several alleged "flying saucers" seen in various parts of the city. Eyewitnesses took some relevant photos and posted them on the Global Web.

At the moment, some Russians who noticed that their country was very interested in aliens have almost no doubt that Chelyabinsk is the most interesting city for them in the Russian Federation. Unconventional scholars have the same opinion, connecting this with the abnormal earth on which it stands.