Oumuamua mysterious space object recognized as a comet

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Oumuamua mysterious space object recognized as a comet

Asteroid Oumuamua, famous for its unusual shape resembling a cigar, arrived in the solar system from interstellar space and immediately attracted the attention of astronomers. Having studied the oddities in the trajectory and speed of the object, experts came to the conclusion that it is still a comet.

"We obtained data that clearly indicate that the Oumuamua trajectory was formed not only by the gravitational force of the planets and the main luminary. Having discarded all other factors, we came to the conclusion that the object received additional acceleration due to gas emissions, exactly such that occur on comets ", said experts from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (United States of America).

Oumuamua was discovered last fall and received comet status. After a series of scientific studies of physical properties, it was decided that the celestial body is still an asteroid. Nevertheless, the cigar-shaped object hid too many mysteries, so no one can definitely say something specific about its nature.

Hal Weaver, an employee of Johns Hopkins University, like many other planetologists, was almost sure that Oumuamua was an asteroid, but after a number of studies he was forced to admit that he was wrong and lean in favor of the cometary version.

In January of this year, scientists received new photographs of the mysterious "interstellar alien", which made it clear that he was not approaching the Sun along a "ballistic" trajectory, subject only to the gravity of large space objects. Its speed of movement far exceeds the indicators that should have been in that case, and in addition, the path of Oumuamua contradicts Kepler’s adopted laws.

Understanding the reasons for such a significant deviation from the course of the studied cosmic body, the scientists worked out many options, but the following was recognized as the most “working”: Oumuamua receives additional speed due to the reserves of ice and other volatile substances in the bowels.

When Oumuamua was considered an asteroid, scientists were haunted by a number of contradictions, among them a strange form, chemical composition and color, but with the assignment of the status of a comet, these differences remained, as you might think, in the past. But the experts will not be able to test their guesses again, since the object will soon leave the solar system and will never return to the vicinity of our planet, which allows more or less to study.

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