Over Alaska formed a giant "keyhole"

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Over Alaska formed a giant "keyhole"

Various celestial puzzles in our time are not uncommon, since the alleged spacecraft of an alien assembly, as well as natural formations, which are still considered a secret for the luminaries of science, have become too often flickered in news feeds. Not only that, there were so many events of this kind that people who were interested in paranormal phenomena, as, incidentally, representatives of ufological organizations themselves, at some point simply ceased to be amazed at “flying saucers”, unconventional lightning bolts and strange cloud rings, striking in gigantic proportions . However, from time to time, events still occur that are very different from what happened before, and become a topic of conversation for a long time. One of these situations arose recently. This was reported by a user of a service popular among foreigners with the name Reddit. An insider, who did not want to give his name, not only told about the phenomenon of incredible size in the sky over Alaska, but also showed a photograph where this phenomenon can be seen without difficulty. An Internet thinker with the nickname someusername117 made a real "battle" between people who respect researchers by the unidentified, and skeptics who trust exclusively in traditional science.

The image proposed by an anonymous source shows the sky blackened from the night time, in which a mysterious silhouette resembles a huge keyhole. The author of the strange material cannot even assume what has got into the camera of his mobile device. By the way, that's why he wanted to publish a photo. The user asked his colleagues on the World Wide Web what the nature of this silhouette might be. A remarkable image was created by an American about a week ago in Anchorage – the largest city in Alaska.

At the same time, the man was not going to photograph anything like this, wanting to capture only heavenly beauties against the backdrop of trees. I must say that he managed to do this, but at that moment when the guy began to look at his photos, his amazement was not a chapel. Interestingly, during the shooting, the man did not notice anomalies in the sky. Among other things, anxiety also made itself felt, since an eyewitness had never seen anything like it before. someusername117, of course, did not forget to turn to specialists in such matters, who might be able to explain his frightening occurrence.

Fans of stories about the "green men" rushed to claim that a new generation spacecraft appeared over Alaska, created by aliens specifically for incognito appearances over the surface of the Blue Planet. But many users laughed at this point of view, because it seemed simply unthinkable even to those who believe in the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Primitive-minded people, in turn, have no doubt that the aliens in this case did not play any role, and in the sky the American saw another mystery of nature. It is worth noting that some strange events constantly occur in Alaska, called classical scientists, which can be explained scientifically, although not without difficulty.

Among the regulars of the Internet were those who saw the Lord himself in a huge "keyhole" who wanted to look at people from close range. If you believe other dreamers, then the photo captures the result of a failure in the system of the so-called Matrix, where all of humanity is located. But most of all, skeptics are convinced that they are guilty of a simple malfunction of the mobile camera. But anyway, a striking photo has already managed to fly around many portals owned by experts on supernatural events. Even the most experienced and famous researchers became interested in the unidentified object. The popular media expert on such matters, Scott Waring, has already announced that he is going to deal with this case with his colleagues.

There is, of course, a point that even experts on paranormal phenomena can confuse in this story, but it can disappear during the examination of the image. The fact is that the anomaly, as the author of the image himself said, was seen only by him, and only in the photograph. There are no other eyewitnesses to the “keyhole” of enormous size, and this fact complicates the task a little to non-traditional scientists and adds confidence to skeptics who have no doubt that absolutely all stories about ghosts and aliens can safely be considered inventions of people who want to become famous in this way. However, if it becomes known that the frame is genuine and has nothing to do with Photoshop and other similar programs, then all the inhabitants of our planet will have a big question without an answer, and some will have a feeling of fear because of what’s behind us, perhaps aliens from other planets or dimensions are actually observing.

It should be noted that over the past few months in many countries very often began to be recorded and UFOs, and alleged traces of "flying saucers" seen by people in the fields. Strange objects were often seen even in those countries where previously this was not discussed. In Russia, for example, such phenomena simply attacked the city of Rostov, like many other points in this country. But more often than not, unidentified objects are still seen in the United States of America and Great Britain.