Residents of Georgia entered into a stupor: In the city of Toccoa, a UFO appeared, turned out to be very low above the ground and caught on video

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Residents of Georgia entered into a stupor: In the city of Toccoa, a UFO appeared, turned out to be very low above the ground and caught on video

The next appearance of the proposed alien spacecraft was noticed in the United States of America a few days ago. We are talking about a strange object that originated in the airspace of Georgia and struck eyewitnesses with its strange shape. According to the domestic press, citing foreign sources, education in the form of a dotted line has made itself known in the sky.

According to ufologists, aliens have such aircraft in the asset. At the moment, an incredible story is intensively discussed on the World Wide Web.

A strange arrangement of things happened in the city of Toccoa on April 3 in the evening. According to the key witness of the incident, at that moment he was driving his car on the local GA17 highway and was not going to record anything on the smartphone, but at some point he realized that it made sense to change plans.

The young man, whose name still remains behind a veil of secrecy, noticed a large dark-colored UFO, which was a line that remained in an upright position. For a while, the driver was in a stupor, but was quickly able to pull himself together and get a mobile phone to capture what he saw on the video and show it to his friends. After that, the American published interesting material on the YouTube service, attracting not only its ordinary users, but also researchers who have been working with such anomalies for many years.

At the same time, the author of the video itself has no idea what the nature of the mysterious celestial "guest" is like his friends, who were the first to familiarize themselves with amazing content and also did not see anything like it before.

As for Internet thinkers, many of them write the same thing: even if you believe that an alien device hit the shot, it is truly unique, and there is nothing like this among the inventions of earthlings.

Other regulars of the virtual space believe that in fact we can talk about a fancy ball inflatable. Some of the supporters of rationalism also wrote that an ordinary line appeared before the audience, drawn on the car’s windshield with a marker. However, the latter theory of criticism does not hold up, because the video clearly shows how an unidentified object is periodically blocked by vegetation.

Of course, it didn’t go without those who considered the video to be another fruit of working with the good old program with the help of which fakes are created.

Wonderful UFO, appeared in Australia

First of all, the Australians have noticed a no less remarkable unidentified object. A strange celestial body with something in the form of wings interested then famous ufologist Scott Waring, who hurried to speak out about what happened. As the researcher from Taiwan suggested, the mysterious phenomenon is most likely directly related to the so-called "green men." At the same time, an expert on such phenomena could not say for what purpose the interstellar travelers flew to people again.

UFO and Japanese volcano

Earlier, the same Waring published photographs on the Internet with incomprehensible celestial formations. Ufologist called them humanoid spaceships. The pictures clearly show how two UFOs in the form of burning balls fly in the direction of the crater of the Japanese volcano Asam. It is worth noting that the Fuji Volcano is no less attractive for the newcomers, and near it also the alleged "flying saucers" are often seen. According to Scott, representatives of extraterrestrial civilization have bases in volcanic craters.