Residents of Naberezhnye Chelny were scared by a UFO that flew close to them

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Residents of Naberezhnye Chelny were scared by a UFO that flew close to them

Recently, unidentified flying objects, once associated with earthlings exclusively with indistinct bright spots in the sky, the authenticity of which were often questioned, nowadays do not shy away from flying to our planet at a very close distance. Recent events in Naberezhnye Chelny, where a strange triangular-looking aircraft hovered in the air at night, can be safely considered fresh evidence of this. According to eyewitnesses, in total darkness they managed to make out only three lights, thanks to which, in particular, the shape of the night "guest" became clear. A mysterious phenomenon fell on the camera, in connection with which now on the YouTube service this content is actively discussed by Internet users.

The alleged alien ship was motionless for some time and was quite low above ground. The object disappeared completely unexpectedly. Moreover, he did not just fly away, but evaporated in the darkness of heaven.

This arrangement of affairs, of course, could not fail to attract representatives of ufological organizations, who immediately took up the study of the video that was gaining popularity. According to preliminary data from experts on such incidents, most likely, "green men" again flew to us. By the way, remarkable material has yet to be verified for authenticity. After that, experts will undertake a thorough analysis of the recent incident in detail.

Skeptics hold a slightly different point of view regarding what happened. They have almost no doubt that the plane appears in the video. According to avid admirers of traditional science, the TR-3B Astra, which is a bomber created in the framework of the North American secret project Aurora, could well have appeared in the frame. However, this hypothesis also does not remain without questions. For example, if the real arrangement of things is really such, then how did the US military aircraft manage to invisibly invade the space of Russia. Ufologists completely disagree with such a strange opinion in their opinion. According to them, an uninvited fighter simply could not fly to Naberezhnye Chelny, since Russian aviation would have shot it down immediately.

Over the past months, a number of cases related to a similar object have been recorded. A geometric phenomenon has been seen in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Peru, and Brazil. And most often it is mistaken for the American TR-3B Astra.

In Russia, as you know, UFO activity has increased several times, and researchers have no way to understand what is connected with such a stream of possible spacecraft to our lands. Many dreamers, however, have long been saying that the World Cup, now held in Russian cities, was to blame. In July, strange phenomena most often occurred in the sky over Chelyabinsk, famous for its anomalous zones, which, perhaps, interested representatives of extraterrestrial life, appearing close to them almost every day.