Scientist: On Mars, children will be born mutants

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Scientist: On Mars, children will be born mutants

On the pages of the British tabloid The Sun, a new article appeared in which American scientists told about the health problems that children born on Mars face. According to them, these kids are very unlucky, because the harsh conditions of the Red Planet will make of them real mutants, doomed to terrible agony.

Through the efforts of Ilona Musk and NASA, who are faithful to their great ideas, who insist that the fourth planet of the Solar System will soon be conquered, the manned expedition there now seems to people not such an incredible task. The head of SpaceX also does not shy away from predictions about the colonization of a space object by representatives of the human race and the creation of a new society there. Not so long ago, he said that he himself did not mind going on a dangerous, but very exciting journey.

If the indefatigable Ilon talks about permanent residence on Mars, then one of the most important questions is the appearance of healthy offspring “registered” there. The physicist and astronomer John Millis believes that insurmountable difficulties will arise.

“We must understand that Mars is not at all such an atmosphere and magnetic field, as on our planet. The strongest radiation will certainly have a detrimental effect on the development of the fetus, and even the woman herself will be at great risk. Weak gravity will weaken the bones of the child. There is little chance that a mother can even bear a child without adequate radiation protection, ”Millis said.

Biologists Haley Schuster and Stephen Peck have a similar opinion. They believe that a woman who becomes pregnant during a flight to Mars will become a source of danger for all crew members, because in extremely cramped conditions of an aircraft, pathogens can spread very easily. To scientists this problem seems so serious that they insist on the sterilization of the participants before the expedition.

The conclusion is this: in order for the child to be able to form normally in the womb of the mother and be born, high-class technologies are necessary that humanity does not currently possess.