Scientists have reported that carbon is high in Ceres

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Scientists have reported that carbon is high in Ceres

American researchers, with their heads gone into the study of dwarf planets, made a new discovery. According to them, Ceres is very rich in carbon. Such information became available with the help of the Down apparatus created by the National Space Agency (NASA).

At the same time, experts added, the amounts of the above-mentioned component on Ceres are greater than in the primitive meteorites that are rich in them that are encountered on Earth.

“Ceres plays the role of a“ chemical plant, ”said key participant in a fresh study, Simon Marchi.

The professor also noted that among the remaining objects of the internal component of our system, Ceres boasts a unique set of minerals, which the scientific luminaries had not even suspected.

Experts believe that such knowledge of Ceres, considered the largest body in the asteroid belt, can safely be considered a real breakthrough in the field of astronomy. A full report of work related to this dwarf planet can be found in the Nature Astronomy publication, which publishes similar scientific news.

Earlier it became known about the first photos of the surface of Ceres, made all the same Down, which, as you know, is already running out of fuel.

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