Scientists talked about space portals that allow you to travel in time.

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Scientists talked about space portals that allow you to travel in time.

Outer space researchers reported the existence of certain space portals, with which you can instantly overcome giant distances of billions of light years, as well as travel both past and future.

In the early 2000s, British scientists set out to recreate a black hole in the laboratory. Naturally, we were not talking about a space object in its entirety, because in this case our planet would be swallowed by it instantly. A mini-model of the still little-studied cosmic body was formed, thanks to which the scientific world acquired new useful knowledge related to quantum gravity and the structure of black holes.

Around the same time period, experts voiced one interesting idea: if black holes exist in the Universe, then there are certainly white ones. If you imagine that a person will fall into a black hole, then in one second he will cease to represent himself as part of the material world, simply disappearing. The white hole, as scientists believe, will not absorb a person, but will transfer it to other parts of outer space. It is believed that such formations have the ability to move objects into the past and future.

Based on the theory of white holes, it can be assumed that UFOs just use them, quickly moving in space to anywhere in the Universe. Therefore, experts watching the "flying saucers" cannot understand why alien spacecraft manage to appear completely unnoticed and disappear in the same way. Perhaps white holes are not a natural formation, but artificially created by civilizations, many times superior to people in development.