Sergey Ovchinin and Nick Haig are ready to fly to the ISS on October 11

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Sergey Ovchinin and Nick Haig are ready to fly to the ISS on October 11

Cosmonaut of Roscosmos Aleksey Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Haig have already completed the final preparations at Baikonur before being sent to the ISS as members of Expedition-57 crew. Colleagues even made a joint photo near the Soyuz spacecraft, on which, in fact, they will fly to the station.

Starting from the site №1 of the cosmodrome in Kazakhstan will be held on the afternoon of October 11. The flight will last six hours, it will take about another hour to open the hatches connecting the Soyuz and the station. And only after that, Ovchinin and Haig will take their places with Alexander Gerste, the crew commander, member of the ESA, US flight engineer Serina Aunion-Chensellor and another cosmonaut of the Roscosmos Sergey Prokopyev. There is a long and tedious mission in orbit that will last for six months.

The 43-year-old American, Nick Haig, who graduated from the US Air Force Academy, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the US Air Force Flight School, was appointed deputy head of the Improvised Threat organization in 2012, and the next year he joined the staff of the US space agency. The mission as part of Expedition-57 will be his first space flight experience and, he hopes, not the last.

As is well known, astronauts and astronauts on the ISS are always very busy, as they have a clear program to carry out various experiments in the field of biology, biotechnology, physics and earth science on board the ISS. Now, when the number of Russian cosmonauts at the station has decreased from three to two, the volume of work carried out has drastically decreased.