The amateur astronomer recorded on a video a giant UFO flying over the Moon

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The amateur astronomer recorded on a video a giant UFO flying over the Moon

An amateur astronomer from Turkey noticed a black UFO of incredible size flying over the lunar surface. The dark-colored object moved at a low speed, forcing even the sightseeing representatives of the ufological organizations to experience genuine surprise.

An independent researcher provided the resulting video footage to experienced specialists who still could not find a definite answer.

Experts noted that this object cannot be some kind of orbital apparatus, since its trajectory and manner of movement does not coincide with the parameters of terrestrial inventions. Naturally, there can be no birds on the Moon either, since this cosmic body has been officially declared unsuitable for life. It turns out that the most likely explanation at this point is the activity of an alien civilization.

I must say that in recent years, the natural satellite of the Earth began to appear very often in the news relating to the subjects of UFOs and aliens. The moon is watched by thousands of professional astronomers and amateurs, ufologists and astrophysicists, and they very often find very interesting moments there. One of the most active and well-known Internet ufologists in the world, Scott Waring, for example, publishes materials on this topic almost every day, proving that humanity is far from the only developed civilization not only in the Universe, but even in the Solar System.