The coming comet "The Incredible Hulk" could trigger a catastrophe on Earth

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The coming comet "The Incredible Hulk" could trigger a catastrophe on Earth

A giant comet called "The Incredible Hulk" is rapidly approaching Earth, which will reach the closest possible distance on August 7. The specialist warned that a rendezvous with such a large object could end very sadly, so it would be nice to prepare.

The Incredible Hulk was discovered a year ago, suddenly appearing from the Oort cloud, and got such a name because of its impressive size – 260 thousand kilometers in diameter, even Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is twice as large as the gas-dust cloud . It is noteworthy that this cosmic body does not have a “tail” characteristic of comets — an elongated plume of dust and gas of cometary matter formed upon approaching the star.

Needless to say, what consequences will arise when the Earth collides with this "monster", since there will be no chance for the survival of mankind. Nevertheless, a rather dangerous moment is even the passage of our planet through this massive gas and dust cloud surrounding a comet. The cloud electrified by the solar wind during the maximum approach to the Earth can generate a powerful lightning followed by an electromagnetic pulse.

The comet and asteroid specialist Evgeni Dmitriev described the worst case scenario: all electronic equipment will stop working, enterprises will stop functioning, life support facilities such as power plants will also crash, airplanes will crash, and transport will stop.

The scientist added that, most likely, there will be no global catastrophe, but the world will face significant problems, it will take a lot of time and money to restore.

Studies by experts have shown that just the likelihood of such a discharge is much higher than a direct collision with a comet. That is why it is not worth rejoicing only that a massive object will fly by. The situation needs to be assessed from different angles, because it is not as simple as it might seem.

Dmitriev noted that today the Earth is in great danger, since there are no technologies for protection from approaching comets and asteroids, there are no developments to minimize the consequences of an undesirable meeting with large objects that plow open the solar system, waiting in the wings.