UFO sighted in Hale-Bopp comet in Kyrgyzstan

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UFO sighted in Hale-Bopp comet in Kyrgyzstan

Mysterious celestial phenomena continue to occur in the airspace of Central Asia, despite the fact that until recently, many residents of the countries located there knew about the so-called "flying saucers" only by hearsay. According to the domestic press, on the night of Monday to Tuesday some object flew over Kara-Balta at tremendous speed, not only decently surprising the eyewitnesses, but also seriously scaring them. With its extraordinary appearance, the phenomenon reminded people of the famous long-period comet Hale-Bopp, discovered in 1995.

"This object is very similar to a UFO. This, of course, is not a plane or a helicopter. Moreover, it flew without sound. And five minutes later it disappeared in the Sokuluk area. We are still shocked by what we saw," wrote a user who posted interesting content in Networks.

At the moment, the corresponding video, made by one of the witnesses of the incident, is being intensively discussed by Internet thinkers, who traditionally split into inexorable skeptics and avid lovers of stories about "green men". Initially, the author sent his creation to the WhatsApp channel Sputnik, after which the mysterious material appeared on the popular YouTube service.

Even the authoritarian news center RIA Novosti made this story known, which, as you know, is not used to writing trifling articles. However, the well-known site emphasized that there is nothing particularly mysterious in this case, because on that day the Soyuz-2.1a rocket, attached to the Progress spacecraft, launched from Baikonur, and after nine minutes the MS-09 successfully exited on the space path to the station in orbit. In other words, it is more likely that the celestial body was only part of the spacecraft of the earth assembly.

Shortly before this incident, an unidentified object declared itself in Kazakhstan. By the way, then the trajectory of its fall was traced, and pieces of the aircraft were found in the steppe near the settlement named Karasu. But even that incident by the end disappointed everyone who wanted to see aliens or pieces of their ship. According to experts who studied the materials found, the find turned out to be ordinary space debris, in particular, the details of an aircraft created on our planet.

Recently, accidents with UFOs are quite common, and not only in Central Asia, but also in Russia. A few days ago, one of such incidents occurred in Volgograd. A local resident noticed the explosion of a supposed spaceship made by "guests" from other planets. According to the witness of a strange incident, something exploded in the night sky, after which it rushed down. However, there was no fall, because the nimble object was able to quickly gain the desired height and hid in an unknown direction. In order not to remain unsubstantiated in the eyes of people who believe only in facts, the woman even published a picture on the World Wide Web with a bright orange ball engulfed in fire.