Ufologist noticed how a UFO flew to Mars

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Ufologist noticed how a UFO flew to Mars

It's no secret that Mars is one of the most discussed planets in the solar system, and only a UFO can be a more attractive topic against the background of this cosmic body. However, a few days ago in a news article published by the foreign press, the Red Planet and the alleged alien spacecraft became defendants. In connection with such an interesting arrangement of affairs, a fresh story about a strange cosmic phenomenon immediately rose to the top of the TOP of the most discussed news of the current week.

As it is now known, the American representative of the ufological organization noticed a mysterious movement towards the planet mentioned above. According to preliminary data, the so-called "flying saucer" was approaching her at an incredible speed.

An unconventional scientist has already shared a video with the public, in which he detailed the mysterious situation. The material posted on the YouTube service scored more than seventy thousand views in the first day after appearing on the Internet.

The researcher told exactly where he noticed the UFO, showed its flight path and shared his assumptions on this subject. However, as it turned out, some subscribers of an amateur ufologist see the same thing on an ongoing basis.

"I live in Alabama, where the night sky looks especially beautiful. Sometimes I just can’t take my eyes off it. And I look at such lights very often. They fly across the sky in different directions. But I have never seen them so close, so that I can make out what the bright points really are. I can only say that they are not airplanes, because there are no blinking lights on them. In addition, they almost always just disappear. These objects do not fly out of sight, namely they dissolve in the sky, I understand what the country sounds like but, but I really see these UFOs constantly I hope that someday I will be able to get a really good camera, which will create a truly high-quality material, "-. wrote underneath the video kind of Stacey.

By the way, there were some relentless skeptics as well. According to them, a lot of things can fly in outer space, including in a variety of directions, but attributing all objects to representatives of extraterrestrial civilization is simply pointless, as modern astronomers are able to rationally explain this in two ways.

It is worth noting that before, experts in space riddles have repeatedly seen how UFOs fly to different planets. At the same time, Mars was most interested in aliens. And this, the researchers believe, is completely unsurprising, since the assumption that there is life on it is very popular. In addition, in the pictures of the National Space Agency, experts on such secrets constantly see interesting buildings, "flying saucers" and strange soil formations, all on the Martian surface. A media ufologist Scott Waring a few days ago even stated that he had found a dead alien in one of the photographs.