Ufologist sure that he found on Mars the corpse of a completely naked alien

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Ufologist sure that he found on Mars the corpse of a completely naked alien

Mars has always been one of the most remarkable objects of the solar system, since researchers have long believed that this planet may be suitable for life, and are constantly trying to prove a very interesting hypothesis. However, periodically this issue fades into the background when a popular expert on unidentified flying objects and topics related to aliens, Scott Waring, publishes new photographs in which some strange things can be noticed. This time, the media expert did not stint on the assumption that a dead humanoid was captured on a fresh photograph. In addition, according to the famous ufologist, the Martian died completely naked, in connection with which you can even consider his penis.

An unconventional scientist managed to get mysterious material when he again looked in the pictures of the National Space Agency for some interesting points. According to Waring, it was not difficult to find one of them, while other ufologists helped the researcher to deal with this matter. However, it is not entirely clear to him for what reason only he and his employees still see evidence of aliens in the pictures taken by the NASA device. However, the famous writer and teacher never skimped on the words of the North American department, without doubting that the "tower" of the United States of America always knew about the existence of aliens and was actively engaged in the search for planets on which they can live, but people, of course, authorities will never tell anything about this.

Waring published a picture with the alleged corpse of the "green man" on a new blog, which he began to intensively conduct after the closure of his main site. In the frame you can see the outlines of an alien lying on the stones. By the way, the researcher could not immediately see the silhouette in the alien. At first it seemed to him that a statue was lying on the rocky terrain, which was the work of Martians, but then the expert decided to leave this point of view, because he noticed the mysterious creature's long skin. Scott's colleagues also unanimously stated that the photograph clearly shows someone’s body belonging, most likely, to one of the inhabitants of the Red Planet. Persons interested in this kind of riddles promise to carefully study strange material in the near future, in order to later share with the people the final verdict.

Kslovu, far from all users of the World Wide Web see a dead alien on the photo, and skeptics, sometimes refuting even the obvious, even criticize Waring for new attempts to mislead especially imaginary Americans. Fans of classical science saw only stones on the Martian surface in the frame. According to them, in this case, as in all the others connected with Scott, two things played a key role: the imagination of people who firmly believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the bizarre shape of stones that really resembles a corpse of some creature.

As for NASA employees, they have no answer to the questions of Waring and all the other people who want to know who is lying on the stones in the frame. As you know, the agency never had the desire to comment on such materials, from which many Waring followers conclude that the United States government simply does not want people to know the truth. It’s not entirely true, however, it is clear why then astronomers who maintain close ties with the White House constantly publish such provocative photographs on the Internet.