Unusual UFO sighted in Pakistan

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Unusual UFO sighted in Pakistan

Information about the appearance of UFOs came from Pakistan. Local residents have witnessed a celestial object, characterized by a very strange shape.

Pakistani Karachi is the place where an unidentified flying object was seen. According to eyewitnesses, what they saw was quite large. This something moved in the air very slowly and smoothly, the flight altitude was small. UFO was immediately recorded on video, and now everyone can see the materials in YouTube hosting.

A statement was already made by local ufologists who noted that such celestial phenomena are very rare in such a densely populated city of Pakistan, so the current event was truly unexpected.

Mysteriously soaring in the night rainy sky over a large city, a UFO looks rather gloomy. However, the video recording, one must think, will be carefully studied by competent specialists who, perhaps, recognize in this object not at all an alien spaceship, but some kind of earthly object. There are a great many such cases to date.