Virgin Galactic rocket glider already in space

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Virgin Galactic rocket glider already in space

The spacecraft of a tourist type, assembled by the Virgin Galactic, is currently already at 80 km altitude. This was reported by official representatives of the company. In other words, the aircraft reached space.

As you know, the ship was raised to the sky a few days ago from a desert in California, which is called Mojave.

As Enrico Palermo, representing the mission, added, the long-awaited event made people closer to tourist flights into space.

"We got to space!", – said Palermo.

As is known, the company intends to take on board a tourist spacecraft, the dimensions of which are commensurate with the size of an ordinary service aircraft, six people each.

The director of Virgin Galactic, who is the famous British businessman Richard Branson, in turn, said that he wanted to be the first to be on board of his own creation.

However, no one said until when it was expected that first flights with space tourists would take place.

Sorting of information received as part of a demonstration flight will be continued in 2019. Together with Branson for the debut flight with passengers will involve some more people directly related to Virgin Galactic.