What empathy you are, your zodiac sign will tell you about you. True!

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What empathy you are, your zodiac sign will tell you about you. We are surrounded by energy vibrations, whether we see them or not. These vibes affect us all. They change us with every breath we take. Some of us are more interested in realizing these subtle changes, because they really can feel them.

But here's the catch: empaths are not the same. There are different types of empaths. Some of them can feel pain, understand others, or maybe feel something that bothers animals or plants and the like.

Types of empathic zodiac signs.

The signs of the zodiac actually help unleash the magical potential of our physical talents. Remember, being an empath is the first step. Practicing your ability to “feel” energy can lead you to the second step.

Aries: empathy of fauna.

Aries is the power of spring. The energy flows in them in a very peculiar way, since when the Sun enters their Zodiac Sign, all species seek to win the battle against Winter. This brings all Aries together with animals that can somehow communicate with them. Aries may like to hunt or fish, but this is just another way to become one with the Circle of Life.

Taurus: physically susceptible

When the Sun enters the sign of Taurus, things become real, and everything materializes. Consequently, Taurus’s feelings become so strong that they can actually take shape.

Taurus is a type of empathy who actually reflects emotions in their bodies. These “psychosomatic” symptoms are extremely common. Many of their health problems are just another topical form of empathy.

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Gemini: telepathic empathy.

Gemini is an extremely sensitive person who can actually tune in to voices and vibrations from all sides. This makes the sign a telepathic empathy, which can easily improve this ability to receive and send messages to anyone.

The key is to feel free and not try to judge. Let thoughts travel freely. Telepathy is a rare gift and a powerful weapon. It must be used wisely.

Cancer: Empath Chameleon.

Cancer is the most sensitive person and the purest type of empath. We could call Cancer “pure empathy” or “true empathy”, since they have a natural ability to feel the pulsations of any emotions. This is natural for them. Moreover, it changes them. They reflect the thoughts and emotions of everyone in their psyche, and this changes them, like water, which absorbs everything that concerns itself.

Leo: psychometric empath.

It is amazing how much he can feel when it comes to objects belonging to others. The key is to allow yourself to be free and allow emotions to fill yourself. Any subject has a story, and Leo will be able to tell it. That is why, when he wears or holds someone else's thing, it gradually affects his mood. This psychometric ability is unique among empathic types.

Virgo: empathic flora.

Among all types of empathy, Virgo is one who can literally act or feel the vibrations of flowers, plants, and trees around her. It's no secret that all astrologers advise Virgo to plant healing herbs in and around his house. Lavender, mint and rosemary are the best friends of the Virgin, and in general all the botanists are somehow close to her psyche.

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Libra: An emotionally receptive empath.

Have you ever wondered why Libra is really indecisive? Scales can really feel the emotions of people around them, which ultimately affects their judgment. Their mood swings are caused precisely by this amazing ability. When they learn to distinguish between emotions that belong to them and emotions that do not belong to them, they can become extremely powerful.

Scorpio: medium empath.

Of all the types of empaths, it is Scorpio who can feel spirits and other invisible creatures around you. No wonder Scorpio is considered the best magician. Moreover, he can see through people and receive valuable information from spirits. The key to this amazing ability is to feel safe.

Sagittarius: enlightened empath.

Always looking for the meaning of life, Sagittarius has an amazing ability to empathically sense the truth within us. Do not lie to Sagittarius. They value honesty and straightforwardness. Moreover, they can instantly turn their backs on those who betrayed their trust long before the truth manifests.

Capricorn: geomancer

We are parts of the Earth, and some of us have an amazing ability to “feel” what bothers Mother Nature. In addition, Capricorn has a unique ability to feel the geomantic waves that flow under him.

Thus, Capricorns can instinctively feel what is wrong with the place, whether he likes it or not. These abilities, if properly developed, can give amazing and fruitful results. Capricorns can act as natural feng shui detectors, feeling the energy around their home and, of course, working!

Aquarius: Gaia

Aquarius was born to communicate with everything and with everyone around. Thus, this makes them very strong empaths. Because they can feel if Gaia – our Mother Earth – is full of energy or sick.

Aquarius can not only feel the emotions of nearby people, but also the feelings of entire regions, if not continents. In addition, the skill of cyber empathy is a unique ability that they can develop in the future.

Pisces: Astral

Among all types of empaths, these guys have a unique ability to feel what is happening on different planes. Moreover, Pisces can easily sense (and later, if properly developed) the "Astral Plane".

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Why is it important? Because they can actually feel emotions before even others are aware of them. On the Astral Plane, things exist before our Material Plane. Perceiving the Astral Plane can help Pisces escape toxic people.

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