A continent unknown to science was found on an ancient globe

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A continent unknown to science was found on an ancient globe

Researchers involved in historical facts related to the Earth constantly resort to the study of ancient maps of our planet, as well as globes that were created even in ancient times. Moreover, as it turned out a few days ago, the latter came to the modern inhabitants of the Blue Planet, not only from the Middle Ages. The oldest of them is the Hunt Lenox Globe, made of copper and dated 1504-1506 years. However, some historians are inclined to assume that in fact leadership in this regard should be occupied by the globe of Stefan Messin, made on the basis of the shell of an ostrich egg. However, not so long ago it became clear that even he, most likely, would have to step aside in the list of the most ancient globes.

An unusual stone, which in 1984 was discovered by searchers working under the direction of Elias Sotomayor, among many other artifacts, can also be called a world map in the form of a stone ball. Of course, it is difficult to call the historical creation round, because the boulder from which this atlas was made does not have a clear shape, and this may indicate that in ancient times for the masters involved in such matters, the beauty of appearance did not have much significance. Among other things, scientists also suggested that the creator of this globe understood that our planet could not boast of a round shape.

By the way, the researchers were especially attracted by the location of the continents, drawn on the alleged ancient globe. On a map made a very long time ago, the land areas of the Earth are at slightly different points and differ from modern works of this orientation. For example, India, Greece and the Italian peninsula are present on it, but the view of East Asia and North America clearly does not coincide with what is painted by today's masters. Not only that, between them is some kind of continent, about which absolutely nothing is known to current experts.