A giant cloud in the shape of a "flying saucer" frightened the inhabitants of Barnaul

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A giant cloud in the shape of a "flying saucer" frightened the inhabitants of Barnaul

Despite the troubling stories of strange objects in the sky appearing in different places on our planet, recently simple clouds that take different forms seem no less frightening to people. From time to time they are seen in the image of angelic entities, some strange rings and even ordinary people. However, the recent cloudy appearance hit the people far more than usual. According to the VladTime news site, the residents of Barnaul discovered and captured on camera the moment when the cloud took the form of a giant "flying saucer." However, some witnesses of an unexpected turn of events are in no hurry to believe that they were just clouds. According to them, it was a spaceship of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

As was actually, of course, it is not entirely clear, although Internet thinkers have a lot of assumptions about this. At the same time, the majority of users who are ready to adequately assess the situation, believe that we still don’t have to talk about “green men”, although avid lovers of everything mysterious are actively doing this. Among other things, even specialists in such oddities do not consider what they saw as “food” for new research. But there is no sense in recalling skeptics at all – they even laugh out loud. However, the fact that the clouds really rallied in such a way that they surprised everyone will not be denied even by the most staunch adherents of classical science. They appeared against the background of a mysterious picture and jokes that aliens would soon capture Barnaul. Such statements, of course, came from those who least of all believe that it was the “flying saucer” that was noticed in the sky.

It is worth noting that the theory of thinking clouds is very popular today, and in this case it can be the most reasonable explanation of what happened in Barnaul. As the current hypothesis says, atmospheric water vapor can sometimes work wonders on its own. And what is most surprising, sometimes it comes to the fact that the clouds take exact geometric shapes, despite the great hostility of nature to such decisions. Residents of the Australian city of Yeppoon have recently witnessed one of these phenomena. Then an ideally even heavenly ring appeared above them. There is also the assumption that aliens play with clouds, reminding people of themselves in a creative way. By the way, this is more like a legend than truth. Moreover, scientists have already learned to explain such points from a rational point of view, albeit with fair hints that they are periodically not entirely sure of their verdicts.

But not for all residents of Barnaul, a strange cloud became something out of the ordinary. One of the Internet users, for example, living in this city, said that he had seen this phenomenon many times before, and therefore he was already used to it. Another eyewitness, in turn, recalled that he once happened to see the exact same cloud in front of a very strong hurricane in the administrative center of Altai Territory.