A giant heavenly glow that illuminated everything in the neighborhood scared the Colombians

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A giant heavenly glow that illuminated everything in the neighborhood scared the Colombians

People have already become accustomed to "flying saucers" and other types of supposed spacecraft created by aliens, but mysterious heavenly occurrences, more reminiscent of the beginning of the end of humanity or some kind of divine intervention, still strike earthlings, periodically inspiring fear. A new such phenomenon was noticed by the inhabitants of the Colombian settlement called San Marcos. According to witnesses of the mysterious turn of events, something strange and huge appeared in the airspace. According to them, the appearance was like a giant luminous sphere, characterized by such brightness that it was simply impossible to look at it. This story is currently gaining momentum on the web.

A video has even appeared on the World Wide Web where you can see a strange heavenly event with your own eyes. As the young man who created the remarkable material admitted, an incomprehensible education, it can be said, simply hypnotized him, as he was unable to sleep a wink all night after what he saw. The main witness of the incident spent the next 24 hours communicating with Internet users, trying to understand with their help what exactly he happened to stumble upon. By the way, other residents of the Colombian town saw an amazing glow, they just didn’t shoot anything. At the same time, other eyewitnesses noted that they were surrounded by fear in a very gloomy situation.

Discussing a strange incident, Internet thinkers, of course, could not help but recall the "green men." According to ardent fans of films about humanoids, it was their spaceship that the Colombians saw the other day. However, representatives of the ufological centers are in no hurry to agree with this point of view, suggesting that the phenomenon was too large for an alien vessel. However, alternative scientists do not exclude that the aliens could use a special device that allows them not to catch the eye of people due to the incredibly bright light. In this case, UFO experts added, a whole bunch of extraterrestrial assembly vehicles could fly over Colombia.

Among other things, there were those who considered the strange heavenly glow as a failure in the "matrix". As you know, in our time, more and more people believe in the theory that we all live in a virtual and someone else created world. It is worth noting that the illustrious creator of spacecraft Ilon Musk adheres to this point of view.

Other enthusiastic fans talked about a futuristic air city, which is often seen in the heavenly space of China. Very believers, in their turn, are sure that they have witnessed a sign, which, unfortunately, no one can solve yet.

Least of all, the Colombian anomaly surprised skeptics. The video reminds them of a fake created by someone in order to become famous. Moreover, some of them think that nature could create such a thing, the laws of which, even in our time, are not completely unraveled.