A gigantic object near the Sun, which astonished scientists, sowed panic among earthlings

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A gigantic object near the Sun, which astonished scientists, sowed panic among earthlings

In recent times, the Sun continually surprises with mysterious phenomena occurring around it, even the most experienced researchers, and someone might think that the giant star has already shown everything that it can, however, as it became clear a few days ago, it still has a bunch of "trumps". In the media there was news, according to which, near a huge star of the Solar system, a mysterious object of very large size was discovered. According to the Esoreiter news publication, a strange luminous education in the form of a cube is currently being discussed not only by alternative scientists, but also by ordinary Internet thinkers, traditionally divided into skeptics and those who believe in aliens and dream that something mystical happens not only to the cinema. Many followers even sounded the alarm, noting that such space "guests" began to fall too often on the NASA camera.

The famous Taiwanese researcher of all sorts of different mysteries connected with unidentified flying objects and other anomalies Scott Waring popularized remarkable content, who had not once laid out not less mysterious videos and photographs. However, this time, the expert believes, he managed to discover something truly incredible, which no one has ever seen before. Among other things, the media ufologist believes that truly remarkable material can turn people around to what events are circulating outside the Blue Planet. At the moment, an expert on cosmic oddities continues to study the mysterious situation, consulting with his colleagues in non-traditional science.

As Waring said, he stumbled upon a startling appearance at the very moment when he was looking at photographs created by the SOHO heliospheric and solar observatory. At some point, a researcher unexpectedly saw something interesting in one of the pictures, realizing right away that a big revolution was coming in the field of unconventional astronomy. The spacecraft of earthly production captured a huge formation of a geometric shape on October 15 of the current year. A strange object sped around the Sun and had a fiery tail, which reminded the comet. When he retired, a trace of yellowish tint remained at his place of stay.

A giant object near the Sun, which astonished scientists, sowed panic among earthlings "typeof =" foaf: Image

Scott, who never doubted the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization, is convinced that even now it would be worthwhile to recall the so-called "green men". As suggested by the former teacher and writer, a huge alien spacecraft has hit the frame. At the same time, the researcher is not confused by the fact that the dimensions of a luminous object are comparable with the size of our planet. The massive spaceship, in the opinion of the ufologist, approached the Sun for a reason, and in order to charge it with energy. As you know, not one of Waring constantly says that humanoids use sunlight to refuel their flying saucers.

"How do aliens manage to create such large aircraft? It seems to me that the reason for this lies in the fact that the inhabitants of other planets can boast eternal life. And, probably, they also have an artificially created intellect capable of performing a lot of things on their own. Days years or hours spent on such matters have absolutely no meaning for creatures who live forever, I think artificial intelligence extracts all the necessary data, designs a space ship, develops parts for it and putting it in Toga all components together. Perhaps to assemble such a starship, it takes millions of years, and if you have immortality, you have the opportunity to wait even so much. And at that moment when you enjoy life, an unnatural mind creates something truly amazing for you This is interesting, and such things need to be studied in order to know more about the solar system and extraterrestrial life, ā€¯Waring tried to explain the shocking solar incident.

Supporters of traditional science, in turn, are not in a hurry to agree with the ufologist's hypothesis, and some skeptics even started calling the UFO specialist insane. According to lovers of rationalism, even if aliens really exist, they would hardly undertake the creation of such large spaceships, because it is simply impossible to do this. Moreover, not believing the World Wide Web users do not understand the reason why viewers should believe in everything that is shown to them. Intriguing material, according to one of their versions, can be just a fake. It is worth noting that in our time, many videos and photos are really often just an attempt to glorify someone with the help of the good old Photoshop.

A giant object near the Sun, which astonished scientists, sowed panic among earthlings "typeof =" foaf: Image

Of course, it did not go without those who linked the appearance of an incomprehensible celestial body with a divine sign. Particularly pious persons preferred to dwell on the opinion that the Almighty is trying to convey some important message to earthmen. However, the mysterious sign, added ufologists, could be given to humans and aliens. At the same time, neither believers nor researchers of all kinds of mysteries can not yet explain what kind of sign exactly we are talking about.

Interestingly, a similar anomaly of amazing size does not appear near the Sun for the first time. From this, researchers have already concluded that such events have nothing to do with any problems with the SOHO observatory. In addition, cameras that monitor the star, periodically record and other strange objects, which, according to experts, are of artificial origin.

The same Earth-sized object was seen near the Sun at the end of May of this year. The relevant material on the Internet was then unveiled by the late UFO expert George Graham, who was also the key presenter of the notorious YouTube channel on Streetcap1. The researcher came across a striking picture at the moment when he was looking at photographs of the National Space Agency. Earlier, astronomers discovered an object the size of Jupiter in the form of several even rings near a giant star.