A hole was formed on the ISS due to a meteorite impact

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A hole was formed on the ISS due to a meteorite impact

On board the International Space Station, an air leak was detected due to a breach. As the experts said, the hole could occur due to a collision with a meteorite.

Now, those who stayed at the station had to close all the compartments in order to identify the place of air leakage. It turned out that the Russian segment, namely the Soyuz ship, was damaged. None of the astronauts, fortunately, was not injured.

An investigation of the incident showed that the hole could appear after the impact of a small space body, and this became the official version in the end. An operation was required to close the hole, since such damage is fraught with the most sad consequences.

According to recent reports, the hole on the Soyuz spacecraft docking to the station has already been patched with a strong sealant, although there was a dispute between the ISS workers. As it turned out later, as a result of the impact, two microcracks were formed, but only one of them released air.