A photo with a real stranger appeared on the web

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A photo with a real stranger appeared on the web

Representatives of the Central Ohio Paranormal Research Group, engaged in unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial civilization in general, published interesting material a few days ago, in particular, a photograph of many years ago, which, according to one of the author’s relatives, captured a real alien. At the moment, researchers are trying to figure out whether a humanoid creature actually recorded on a film has anything to do with extraterrestrial life.

In a black and white image of not the best quality, you can easily make out a strange "little man" resembling a humanoid. The amazing stranger of small stature, captured on camera, most likely, quite by accident and characterized by huge eyes, which are usually the newcomers in Hollywood paintings, with caution looks directly into the lens. A notable online novelty immediately interested users who began to build their hypotheses about this.

As the person who transferred the mysterious cadre to the workers of the ufological company reported, quite recently he happened to stumble upon it during the analysis of old things. The items dusting in the boxes belonged to the young man’s grandfather who died on the eve. The source also remembered the story told once by his late relative and having, apparently, a clear relationship to the mysterious photograph taken in the thirties in Alaska.

"He told me that he somehow went to the lake in the evening, noticing an incomprehensible human-like creature in the forest near the river: pale, naked, with a round head with no proportions and large dark eyes. Nose, hair, ears, navel, mouth and his genitals were not observed. The grandfather shouted, after which the stranger ran away. However, he managed to photograph the stranger after all, but only once. The alleged alien fled in an unknown direction, "the source told ufologists.

The skeptical regulars of the Network, in turn, strongly doubt the authenticity of the photograph, except that it actually depicts someone living on another planet. Other adherents of traditional science called the incomprehensible creature some kind of animal. However, fans of the ufological side saw the real alien in the picture and reminded in no way believers that there was no photoshop at the time when the mysterious content was created.

As for the extraordinary luminaries of science, they have only one assumption about this: one of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization was in the forest of Alaska to study a certain territory of the Earth, but at some point everything did not go according to plan, and therefore he had to to run. There are experts in such cases and the opinion that the newcomer was not alone, and the spacecraft that brought him to that place could be very close.