A resident of Miami posted a UFO video network and hit the public, interest researchers

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A resident of Miami posted a UFO video network and hit the public, interest researchers

Unidentified flying objects, which at all times have been a popular topic in the media, have recently become even more interesting to the public, and this is quite logical. As you know, UFOs today are most often presented not as small white spots in the sky, as it was before, but rather large ovals in which you can almost see the pilots. And a few days ago, another case, connected with the rather impressive appearance of a possible alien vessel, not only impressed the residents of Miami, Florida (USA), but also got on camera.

The expressive glowing ball in the morning was discovered by a young man who at the time of the incredible incident was on the street. The incident happened on November 15, 2018 and became a real find for researchers of such anomalies, as well as for ordinary fans of any mysterious stories.

On the Net, indomitable disputes began immediately. Internet thinkers, divided into two camps, began to exchange their views about what had happened. However, skeptics do not see anything striking in the fresh video, however, conspiracy therapists are absolutely sure that the aliens have again made themselves known.

According to the author of amusing content, on the day of the heavenly incident he woke up very early, when it was still dark. The guy enjoyed the fresh air and did not even think about turning on the cell phone camera, but his plans were to change after the appearance of a bright balloon in the sky. As the American noted, even though UFOs today are seen in all countries of the world almost every day, this did not happen to him before, so it was just silly not to fix an amazing moment.

By the way, the local resident decided not to limit himself to the material in memory and shared his creation with the World Wide Web patrons. UFO video in Miami can be found on the famous YouTube service. While the novelty can not boast a large number of views, but is rapidly gaining popularity, and some commentators under the video have already shared their impressions after viewing.

The creator of the video also added that a strange heavenly “guest” had appeared unexpectedly. Among other things, the man did not even understand where the alleged alien spacecraft flew from. At some point, it seemed to him at all that the object was simply not visible from behind the dark sky, as it did not turn on its huge lantern.

At the same time, many experts involved in such issues do not doubt that the representatives of an alien civilization are masterful of teleportation, and it is precisely this that, apparently, they demonstrated once again over Miami.

It is worth noting that the author of the UFO video was forced to turn off the camera, because the battery power of the smartphone was nearing zero. He claims that after turning off the camera, the object flew over the city for a few more minutes.

The adherents of the traditional mindset, of course, were not very interested in the video, saying that the public was again given an ordinary fake. Moreover, UFOs today, according to fans of skepticism, have become a simple business, that is, the newcomers do not really exist, but almost everyone is ready to achieve popularity due to something like this. That is why, according to the admirers of classical science, in 2018 so many “flying saucers” began to appear on the video.

Will there be a contact with a UFO?

Despite the fact that ufology is still not considered an essential science, its representatives are struggling to find such evidence of the existence of aliens who could convince even the most stubborn admirers of a rational way of thinking. And today, non-traditional scientists have reason to believe that their desires will soon come true.

A Miami resident posted a UFO video on the Web and hit the public with interest to researchers of typeof = foaf: Image

The fact is that a few days ago in Antarctica in photographs taken from a bird's-eye view, they found a huge disc-shaped object, and now experts on such a secret are going to equip an expedition in order to make contact with a UFO and dot all about whether we are alone in the universe.

UFO video that also appeared in the USA and attracted media

In early November 2018, an unidentified flying object was discovered in the United States. A possible humanoid apparatus declared itself in the evening during a severe thunderstorm, from which ufologists then concluded that the ship was “refueled” with a heavenly charge.

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