A resident of New Jersey captured a UFO at close range, showed videos on the Web and stunned everyone

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A resident of New Jersey captured a UFO at close range, showed videos on the Web and stunned everyone

Unidentified flying objects, as you know, most often appear in the United States of America, whose inhabitants are not even surprised by this kind of event. However, a few days ago, the American people were still in a stupor after the next occurrence of the alleged alien spacecraft.

The UFO was so low that many began to worry for their lives, believing that humanoids are going to hold an assault. At the moment, an amazing story is being discussed by users of the World Wide Web, who are divided into skeptics and those who believe in everything unprecedented and are trying to understand what has really made itself felt in the state of New Jersey.

A strange triangular formation was noticed over the city of Cape May at night. The author of the mysterious video, who turned to ufologists for help, said that one of the first people to notice a huge unidentified object was his daughter, who didn’t even think about encountering something incredible that evening and was busy with completely different topics.

“Our daughter just ran on the beach, what she does all the time when it gets dark, and she sees a strange formation in the sky. After that, the girl immediately called us with his wife to share what they saw. Then, being in a hotel, we went to the balcony and found three luminous objects in the sky that formed a perfectly smooth triangle. I immediately took my smartphone and fixed the mysterious arrangement of things. My wife and I talked for a long time about what it could be, and then agreed that the spacecraft of the alien assembly had hit the shot, ”the creator of the amusing movie laid out the mosaic of those events.

The followers, in turn, have already suggested that the TR-3B Astra could be an object caught in a frame — a famous American-made aircraft that had long been a mythical character in amateurs of everything unexplored. According to some reports, during the assembly of the so-called “stealth aircraft”, the US military inventors used technology borrowed from the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization themselves.

It is no secret that in the state of Nevada there is a whole complex known as “Zone 51” and which is secret. It is there, according to rumors, that the bodies of newcomers who crashed on Earth for some reason and their aircraft, which help secretly working scientists understand, on the basis of what saucer-like alien ships fly, accumulate. At the same time, not everyone believes that the USA really has a TR-3B Astra, because officially this flying machine has never been used or shown to people.

A recent UFO case in Australia

An equally incredible incident, also related to aliens, was filmed in early December. As the traveler told, who became the author of amazing material, an unidentified object reminded him of a tank. The corresponding picture, which is now very popular, can be found on the Internet. It is believed that the tourist, who had never photographed anything like this before, captured the new generation of aliens.