A resident of Volgograd scared the Internet perfectly smooth UFO

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A resident of Volgograd scared the Internet perfectly smooth UFO

Recently, unidentified flying objects have appeared in the airspace of the Russian Federation, and if we talk about the cities most visited by the heavenly "guests" of this country, then most of all the alleged aliens love Chelyabinsk and Volgograd. Moreover, in the last settlement, a strange phenomenon made itself felt again. This time, a possible round alien ship was struck by its incredibly even shape. At the moment, a video with a mysterious appearance in the night sky is gaining popularity on the World Wide Web, and skeptics and lovers of Hollywood films about humanoids traditionally argue relentlessly against the background of past mysterious events.

A remarkable entry appeared on the web on July 18. According to the author of the news, talking with local journalists, an interesting object was located near the village of Gumrak.

"This unidentified object was only a kilometer from my house, but soon hid in the dark sky. I only saw it for thirty seconds. I think it's just a candle in a balloon, but I was still pretty scared," an eyewitness to an incomprehensible education admitted. .

As the citizen who removed the UFO added, he doesn’t really want to believe in aliens, but he simply needs to check the material he created. Representatives of ufological centers also believe that the video should be carefully studied to find out exactly which object was in the frame.

However, not everyone believed the man, in particular, doubts arose about the authenticity of the video. As one of the regulars of the Internet suggested, such a black sky, as the author showed, simply does not exist, as well as such a smooth space object, more like a circle made on a black background using a special computer program.

By the way, there were also those who were scared by interesting content. According to the imaginary YouTube users, in the place of the author of the video, one could not help but want to run away.

Other Internet thinkers hastened to connect what they saw with unpredictable nature. According to them, ball lightning may very well look like this.

Researchers on such puzzles, in turn, are just getting ready for official statements, having previously assumed that it was the “flying saucer” that was shot, the pilots of which for some reason became interested in Volgograd and the area surrounding this city.

Not so long ago, a strange story occurred in Volgograd related to the exploded apparatus of an extraterrestrial assembly. As one of the local residents said, a burning alien vessel fell into the frame of her mobile device. The woman even published a mysterious picture on a social network so as not to be unfounded. She could not shoot the whole situation, but the mysterious saucer-shaped spaceship, according to the witness of the incident, exploded right in front of her eyes, and then tried not to fall, rising to the necessary height and flying away in an unknown direction.