A rotating island in Argentina could be an alien base

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A rotating island in Argentina could be an alien base

In Argentina, there is a river called Parana, which is the second longest in South America after the Amazon. Near this river, experts discovered an island two years ago using the Google Maps application, which immediately attracted their attention. A subsequent study, expedition and a survey of local residents suggested that an alien base might be hiding under a small area of ​​land.

This island is only 120 meters in diameter, surrounded by a small body of water, and the most amazing thing is that it has the shape of a perfect circle. An expedition to the Argentinean distance confirmed the existence of the object.

The island of "Eye", as its experts called it, is located in an inaccessible area covered by swamps, but nevertheless, an expedition led by director Sergio Nesupiller reached there, if only the second time. What surprise was it when it turned out that a small piece of land was spinning slowly.

“The water on this island is particularly clean and cold. There is definitely something unusual in this place. The bottom was pretty hard to find, not the swamps surrounding the Eye. We certainly cannot say what it really is this island, but it is spinning, "said the Unsuccessful.

Members of the expedition interviewed local residents who told a lot of interesting things about the “Eye.” So, according to the Argentines, they saw many times how bright lights flew out from the side of the mysterious island. After some time, another expedition to the Parana River was carried out, during which researchers were convinced of the hypothesis that the island serves as a base for representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Undoubtedly, a strange island in Argentina can only be a bizarre natural formation, but then how to explain the appearance of numerous UFOs there, and even the shape of an ideal circle haunts ufologists. The expedition also included an engineer, Richard Petroni, from the USA, and he said that the mysterious lights and other paranormal things happening in this area can be explained solely by the presence of an alien base there.

The study of the small, but hiding in itself many secrets of the island will not end there, since the phenomenon interested not only "alien hunters", but also official representatives of the scientific world. The study of the "Eyes" will continue, and, perhaps, very soon, humanity will receive answers to all questions related to it.