A shapeless UFO invaded a British beach and scared vacationers

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A shapeless UFO invaded a British beach and scared vacationers

It's no secret that the UK is one of the most visited "flying saucers" countries. At the same time, the United Kingdom proves this status almost daily, in particular, the so-called “green men” help it to do this. A few days ago, for example, an unidentified flying object appeared in the lens of a mobile device of one of the British, who had already published remarkable material on the YouTube service. This time, the alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft appeared near the famous beach in Dorset, known for its large crowd of people. The authenticity of the video is not in doubt, since many other people who rested near the water and bathed in it saw a strange phenomenon in the sky.

As the author of the video said, she had no plans to fix it on the camera that day, but at some point a suspicious black dot appeared in the airspace. After some time, the object increased and began to approach the beach. Most of the attention of eyewitnesses was attracted by the hourly stop of this UFO in the sky. According to vacationers, the phenomenon suddenly froze, as if someone had just hammered it into the vault of heaven.

It is worth noting that not far from the scene of the incident is Durdle Door National Park, which is under the protection of the National Fund of Great Britain, which suggests that even an unmanned vehicle cannot be launched in that area. For disobedience to the violator, a fine of three thousand pounds is applied.

Among other things, the woman who shot the flying object on camera clearly saw how it changes shape, although it was incredibly far from the mysterious “guest”. Moreover, the British herself believes in aliens, and in paranormal phenomena, and therefore does not exclude that the alien ship could get to us from the other world, because it constantly either disappeared from sight, then reappeared before everyone's eyes. Now the relevant specialists are engaged in the video, intending to issue an official verdict in the end, most of all similar to the real location of things.

“I lived in an incredibly hot place called St. George, Utah, I was in Nevada, and I even worked there, often driving alongside the renowned“ Area 51 ”, but I never saw any“ flying saucers ”there. nothing like what you’ve been confronted with. Not everyone is lucky. I envy you, "the user wrote, especially admiring the video.

A previously no less remarkable object in the British sky was noticed by residents in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Eyewitnesses drew attention to the fact that it was very similar to a cigarette and decently differed from traditional alien devices in the style of movement.

As you know, the UK is in third place in the list of countries most visited by UFOs. The second place in the list is Canada. Most aliens appear in the airspace of the United States of America.