A very interesting UFO hit the video in Arizona and immediately attracted ufologists

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A very interesting UFO hit the video in Arizona and immediately attracted ufologists

You can talk about unidentified flying objects in different ways, in particular, to believe that they are somehow connected with aliens, or else to deny this hypothesis, but it’s impossible to disagree with the fact that sometimes they are surprising. And the incident that happened a few days ago in the United States of America, would be fine for confirming such a conclusion. As the Russian press reports citing foreign sources, something really attractive not only struck one of the local residents, but also got into the frame of his mobile device.

Corresponding material can now be found on the World Wide Web, the users of which, once again divided into skeptics and conspiracy theorists, are trying to understand by any means what the true nature of the mysterious celestial body is, in parallel transferring their thoughts about this.

In this case, the last word, as always, should be for specialists who have certain experience in such matters. Alternative researchers have already stated that the curious material is not exactly fake, and it may indeed be relevant to the representatives of an alien civilization.

As told by a young man from Arizona named Jeff Woolvine, who filmed a striking phenomenon on video, he had never seen anything like it before. According to the guy, a strange diamond-tinged anomaly appeared in the airspace completely unexpectedly in the daytime.

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A witness of something unprecedented also noted that the alleged alien spacecraft, which, according to ufologists, has been constantly looking at us lately, has been distinguished not only by its unusual color, but also by its strange manner of movement. As the guy added, it’s probably not just him who has to see this.

The creator of curious content, naturally, was unable to find out for himself what the anomaly he had filmed was in reality, so he turned to the experts, first showing the video to his family and friends, who also marveled at what he had seen. After some time, Scott Waring made himself aware of himself, who had been involved in unidentified flying objects for many years and had no doubt that aliens were already among us for a long time. This researcher and published the creation of Arizona on his YouTube channel with a bunch of subscribers.

The 7-minute video, which has already accumulated more than twenty-five thousand views, continues to gain popularity and is being discussed by Internet thinkers. It clearly shows how a mysterious luminous object works wonders in the sky: UFO strikes with incredible maneuverability and the fact that it constantly changes its shape.

Among other things, in one of the moments you can see that it almost splits. Toward the end of the video, the so-called “flying saucer” instantly disappears, after which it reappears, but then again goes out of sight, as if playing with the one who is watching it.

In the end, the object disappears once again, but does not return. According to Waring, the video presented can be safely called another proof of the existence of aliens.

Are the aliens really among us?

It is worth noting that Scott had not once spoke about the presence of interstellar inhabitants on our planet, considering that they have their cities under the ice and in the waters of the Earth. Moreover, the colleagues of the former teacher from Taiwan even said that alien beings disguised as people and work among us, and in high positions. That is why, independent experts say, there are so many videos on the net that some regular banker or millionaire “gives up” himself with strange eyes, which people shouldn’t be.

As for skeptical followers who trust only the words of traditional scholars, they were not surprised by this video. Internet users who do not believe in mysticism and aliens were quick to suggest that, in fact, an earthly flying object actually hit the lens of a smartphone, although such a conclusion does not seem to be correct.

The most fair subscribers of Waring wrote that it was then easier to believe that it was a fake, but this aircraft could not be exactly the aircraft created on the ground. Not without those who described what they saw as the usual white package, which amazed the imagination thanks to the sharp and strong gusts of wind.

Other case of a UFO, captured by witnesses not so long ago

Earlier, an equally entertaining incident, also possibly related to aliens, was videotaped in the United States. The young man who was in the airliner at that time took off the glowing UFO. Near the plane, flying over the state of Ohio, there was something strange, but only for a few seconds, after which the object fell out of the frame, leaving, apparently, on his own business.

A very interesting UFO hit the video in Arizona and immediately attracted ufologists "typeof =" foaf: Image

Prior to this, an unprecedented arrangement of things highlighted the Filipino news, which reported that in one of the Mexican cities a possible alien vessel had not only made itself felt, but had also released another UFO. A curious picture occurred on the background of the solar disk and literally shocked eyewitnesses. It is noteworthy that many witnesses to the incident soon went to church, having decided that the mysterious incident might be the herald of the Apocalypse.

Earlier in the US, a giant object was shot on a smartphone, not at all resembling any earthly inventions. This dark-colored “flying saucer” approached the operator so much that he almost fainted, as did those who were with him and saw it all too. However, many Internet users did not believe that the material is genuine, considering it to be extremely improbable.

It is impossible to ignore the incident in Peru, where several UFOs were noticed and captured on video. The invasion of incomprehensible saucer-like objects greatly frightened the people who were at that moment on the street and who decided that humanoids are going to attack our planet.