A video appeared on the web with UFOs masking each other

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A video appeared on the web with UFOs masking each other

A very entertaining video appeared on the Internet, which captures unusual flying objects that are engaged in disguising each other. According to eyewitnesses, at first it seemed that these were just fancifully formed clouds, but later it became clear: we are talking about UFOs.

Strange clouds attracted the attention of local residents, one of whom picked up a camera and recorded them on video. Soon, the author’s video was published on the Web to find out the opinions of other people about the phenomenon in the sky.

Shots show how one cloud is trying to cover another, smaller in size. One gets the impression that these celestial objects masked each other to remain unnoticed by people.

Some Internet users who watched the video on YouTube came to the conclusion that the author did not record clouds at all, but spaceships of aliens. But the majority still do not find anything supernatural in the frames being discussed, and it is not worth further developing this topic and guiding it in the wrong way. Nevertheless, ufologists will tear apart bit by bit the movie with strange objects in the sky to give a more or less objective assessment.