A video with a huge UFO over Italy shocked the public and was explained by a ufologist

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A video with a huge UFO over Italy shocked the public and was explained by a ufologist

Unidentified flying objects that do not give rest today, probably not a single country in the world, periodically not only intrigue the earthmen, but also frighten them with their extraordinary forms or inconceivable sizes. Most often, of course, the proposed spacecraft aliens seem barely noticeable spots in the sky, but not this time. A few days ago, UFOs were seen by residents of the Italian city of Como, which is the administrative center of the province of the same name and located in the Lombardy region in the picturesque territory at the south-western tip of the lake with the same name.

On November 9, a strange celestial “guest” stunned the citizens with their unexpected appearance, incredible brightness and dimensions, and interested representatives of ufological organizations, who had already assumed that the corresponding video was not a fake and could be another proof that we are not alone in the Universe.

The World Wide Web users, of course, also rushed to discuss an incredible case, dividing those who believe in "green men" and those who do not believe in anything at all, apart from officially recognized facts based on evidence from traditional science.

The main witness of the mysterious turn of events was a local resident. The Italian captured an amazing moment on the camera of his smartphone, being at this moment at home. Quite by chance, looking at the window, the young man saw a strange movement in the darkening sky from the evening time of day. After that, the guy decided to arm himself with a phone and take a picture of the phenomenon, suggesting that it could be something very interesting, and the man, as it turned out later, was not mistaken.

For an instant, the operator even flinched, as he had never seen anything like this before, but he still managed to shoot the video to the end. The creator of the remarkable content is not able to explain what he had to face.

“I could not understand what appeared before me. Airliner? But his movements were extremely chaotic, which the planes do not do, and after that he completely disappeared without a trace in the direction of the city of Lecco in an instant, ”the witness signed his material.

The interesting video has already gained more than five thousand views and continues to attract thinkers who are greedy for such puzzles. The video begins with the fact that a local resident shoots a gloomy sky, in which nothing special is observed at first, but then quite suddenly a very bright object flashes, becoming larger and larger every second.

Soon the mysterious UFO is showing incredible maneuverability: it rises up, goes down and makes dizzying turns. Then a possible ship of alien life is hidden in gray clouds, and the video ends.

Followers, who hastened to comment on interesting content, perceived it in an ambiguous manner, as, incidentally, always happens in such cases. At the same time, many of the video scared in earnest, especially those who live in Italy.

Comment by a respected UFO expert

The first of the researchers of similar events on the story of a UFO over Como responded famous ufologist Marco Guarisco, who is the official representative of the National Center for the study of UFOs. The specialist checked the authenticity of the material and urged all skeptics not to even try to put a fake label on the video.

As the unconventional scientist stated, special effects, like the presence of editing, would have been noticed immediately, but this did not happen. In addition, a professor in the ufological field noted that the movements of a mysterious object are very characteristic of spaceships of alien production. At the same time, the expert added, they could not fly in this way.

“UFOs in flight can easily change their trajectory even at a right angle, they are able to hover in the sky and suddenly accelerate. Their range of possibilities is almost limitless, ”concluded Marco.

The same UFO as the southwest coast of Ireland?

After the incident in Como, the most attentive readers of the press recalled a recent celestial incident in which pilots of two airliners noticed several unidentified objects at once, which also glowed and differed at an incredible speed. Now many Internet users write that an object seen in Italy could fly along with those that were found in Irish airspace on the same day.

And such an arrangement of things, if we imagine that everything is exactly so, seems to be very disturbing, because in this case it immediately makes sense to talk about the actual UFO invasion, or even about an alien assault.

A video with a huge UFO over Italy shocked the public and was explained by a ufologist "typeof =" foaf: Image

Against the background of rather gloomy events, some Italians, like residents of other European countries, began to think that the newcomers had already landed somewhere, and it is likely that not far from them.

Among the skeptics, of course, there were many who could not even agree with a specialist in the celestial anomalies. They found their own version on this subject, which aliens, of course, does not concern. Fans of skepticism have suggested that the mysterious object, recorded on a mobile device in Italy, could be either a fireball or an ordinary meteorite. True, it is not entirely clear how meteorites are able to fly along such an incredible trajectory, as is seen in the video.

Another UFO seen by the Italians in 2018

No less remarkable phenomenon in the sky was discovered in Italy this spring. April 10 over Naples, the locals noticed a luminous object. The alleged humanoid ship was distinguished by an incredible chaos in flight, so much so that many eyewitnesses felt that the newcomers decided to show the earthmen their “dance”. The incident was also filmed and sent to YouTube, where the followers intensively discussed it.

Prior to this incident, UFOs in Italy were seen in February 2018, from which it can be concluded that aliens do not appear in this country very often.