A whole bunch of UFOs near the moon hit the video and hit the internet

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A whole bunch of UFOs near the moon hit the video and hit the internet

Despite the fact that in the Russian Federation no one is surprised by UFOs, since these, as they are called, “flying saucers” appear in its airspace too often, sometimes the opposite effect happens. A few days ago, the next visit of alleged aliens simply shocked the Russians. As the domestic press reports, a whole heap of unidentified objects suddenly appeared in the sky.

The nature of the mysterious "guests" is now being revealed by researchers who have become seriously interested in the strange arrangement of things. Ufologists even suggested that we can talk about spacecraft of alien production. This incident, of course, got on the video posted soon in the virtual space. Now users of the network, traditionally divided into skeptics and supporters of conspiracy, will surely have something to talk about.

A whole bunch of UFOs near the Moon hit the video and hit the internet "typeof =" foaf: Image

This story took place in Moscow on May 18, on Saturday. Then it was evening, and the local resident tried to photograph the lunar disk, which seemed to him incredibly bright. But at some instant the guy understood that there is a sense to capture something more interesting. The guy was surprised to see many identical spherical UFOs flying parallel to each other with the same speed. They were very clearly visible, as they appeared against the background of the luminary.

The author of the video did not name his name, but posted an interesting creation on his YouTube channel PhotoLabel. Very soon, he was hailed by foreign researchers, asking him to show the video on their channel.

On the original source channel, a five-minute video has already accumulated more than six thousand views and a bunch of comments, and the material continues to be in demand for subscribers.

“Moscow, May 18, 2019. Photohunting for our companion. But start looking from the second minute. At first I struggled with sharpness, because a cheap tripod, a camera – Nikon P900. I have seen it not once in other videos, but I didn’t believe until the end, ”reads the description of the novelty from a Muscovite.

In the video you can see how some dark spots, when the operator enlarges the picture, literally stick around the lunar disk like a beehive, and then go into darkness. At the same time, there are so many UFOs that they cannot even be counted.

A whole bunch of UFOs near the Moon hit the video and hit the internet "typeof =" foaf: Image

“This is the first time when I have to see so many unidentified objects against the background of the satellite of our planet. Such an alignment can talk about something. This is actually a very strange sight, ”one of the foreign subscribers of the channel wrote.

As for skeptics, they have a completely different opinion on this. Fans of traditional views believe that nothing surprising in the video does not occur, and the UFO, which someone has already attributed to the aliens, in fact, are Chinese lanterns sold today in almost every store.

Alternative thinkers still consider this material a new proof of the existence of "green men". As you know, before ufologists have repeatedly said that interstellar inhabitants fly on their ships to the Moon and the Sun in order to recharge their aircraft, working, presumably, in the world.

Other followers, who also did not really believe in mysticism and humanoids, were quick to notice that the video seemed somehow implausible. In other words, they did not exclude the version of a fake.

No less interesting incidents that also concern UFOs

Formerly, a case occurred in the capital of the Republic of Mari El, also suggestive of the existence of newcomers. On May 16 at night, a certain Tatiana Shmeleva captured a strange celestial sphere on the camera when she tried to take a photo of a thunderstorm. At first, the woman thought that the problem lies in the lens, but then she saw with her own eyes how the object flew away.

A little earlier, UFOs were seen in St. Petersburg. But in that case, the phenomenon was extremely small in size. The mysterious “guest” looked more like a ghost than an aircraft, and flew near the windows of the hotel in the evening of the day, May 15.