Aggressively pulsating sky glow mesmerizes New Jersey residents

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Aggressively pulsating sky glow mesmerizes New Jersey residents

Watching the sky you are increasingly seeing strange phenomena. Many of them resemble "flying saucers", others are similar to angelic creatures, and still others have no shape at all, but they are sacred so that it’s painful to look at them, and it’s almost impossible to explain the nature of their birth. Something from the last type of heavenly mysteries a few days ago was discovered by residents of New Jersey, USA. According to the Western press, incredibly bright light pulsed in the clouds blackened from the night time of the day, which one of the witnesses managed to shoot on the camera of a mobile device.

Large violet glow made itself felt on July 5th. Many locals who saw all this with their own eyes and already unsubscribed on the World Wide Web admitted that they had not seen anything like it before. Eyewitnesses also noted that they were very scared when they noticed an aggressively flickering anomaly.

Moreover, the numerous assumptions of skeptical persons, from which it follows that what they see may turn out to be a searchlight, fireworks or an ordinary thunderstorm, look very implausible, because the glow does not resemble anything at all.

Some witnesses admitted that the phenomenon, which made absolutely no sounds, attracted them so much that they wanted to leave the house and follow it. As noted by UFO experts, also familiarized with the material, such alien hypnosis could be used by aliens, who, as we all know from numerous legends, periodically experiment with people.

"Mysterious flashes over New Jersey. Atypical light in the sky, which is much more interesting than all previous stories about ordinary burning celestial points. In fact, this is most likely not an alien spaceship, but an air phenomenon," the person who posted video on the web.

"The video shows you the New Jersey area where it happened. There are quite a few companies located in it, and a strange glow can be a side effect of experimental technology. If this is true, knowing the location will definitely help in tracking the source." , – suggested another user of the popular YouTube service.

The video with a strange event has already gained more than ten thousand views and continues to quickly accumulate interested in the mystery of the history of Internet thinkers who share their thoughts on this matter.

However, there were among the regulars of the Internet those who consider the fire in the sky to be a sign, with the help of which the Lord himself is trying to communicate with people. In addition, such puzzles often began to be called glitches in the matrix. As you know, talk about the fact that we live in a reality created by someone is very common nowadays.

It's no secret that in New Jersey, unidentified flying objects get on the cameras of local residents almost every day. Not so long ago, for example, in the town of Paulsboro, two UFOs were immediately noticed, which for a long time remained absolutely motionless in the evening sky.