Alien satellite "Black Knight" hit the camera lens amateur astronomer

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Alien satellite "Black Knight" hit the camera lens amateur astronomer

British amateur astronomer Jason Callum was watching the sky with his camera when he saw an unusual object of black color against the background of the Moon, which immediately caught his attention. Apparently, the researcher discovered has a huge size. The alien ship is a smart asteroid or some kind of defect – there is still to be figured out.

Callum even recorded a video on this topic, then publishing it on his YouTube channel. Quite a number of Internet users who have an interest in such a subject, have learned in the "caught" by the British the incomprehensible object of the "Black Knight." Ufologists have a version that tells about an artificial satellite of newcomers, which is not the first millennium circling in near-earth space. Black color, oval shape, high speed of movement are characteristic features of this device.

More than 50 years have been said about the "Black Knight", because as far back as 1954, ufologists were able to obtain photographs of a similar object in the orbit of our planet. NASA, according to conspiracy therapists, is doing everything possible so that evidence of the existence of an alien satellite does not fall into the hands of the public.

Scientists, on the other hand, insist that it’s not worth making a fuss on every occasion. If you deploy a battle on a similar topic, it is only with the provision of solid evidence. In the specific case, there is likely space debris, which "successfully" hit the camera lens.