Aliens could reprogram people's minds

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Aliens could reprogram people's minds

Terrestrial devices from time to time record strange signals coming from the depths of space, but they can’t be deciphered in any way. As a result, mankind dwells on the option that these signals have a natural nature and have nothing to do with other civilizations. In fact, aliens are simply more developed, so it’s not yet possible to understand their signals. There is also an opinion that representatives of extraterrestrial races reprogrammed the consciousness of people, with the aim of proving the truth of their existence in the Universe.

The American astronomer Lord Martin suggested that these civilizations, whose signals we are receiving now, no longer exist, but their representatives wanted people to learn about the existence of other developed creatures. Recently, there has been much more information about the appearance of UFOs in different parts of the world, and the specialist knows why this is happening. According to him, the aliens are trying to help humanity in development so that it can open the door to a completely new era, which will be characterized by a fundamentally new concept of life.

In the matter of searching for other forms of life, specialists need to focus on the nearest planets, since technical capabilities do not allow studying objects in distant systems. Alien forces acted in such a way that space was very limited, because of which mankind is not able to understand what processes relating to the evolution of different life forms in reality occur in the Universe.