Alien’s first attempt to “attack” Earthlings in Minnesota hit the video and stunned the Web

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Alien’s first attempt to “attack” Earthlings in Minnesota hit the video and stunned the Web

In the United States of America filmed a new UFO appearance, which caused concern among Americans. According to one of the researchers who analyzed the remarkable material, the proposed spacecraft flew too close to the people. A specialist in such cases called the incident the first real attempt by aliens to attack our planet.

The mysterious incident occurred a few days ago in Minnesota, when most state residents were sleeping. At the same time, there were a lot of those who are now on the list of witnesses to the amazing event. A giant saucer-shaped object almost landed in the city of Shakopi, Scott County, frightening civilians.

The first situation commented on the local ufologist with great experience Ethan Trowbridge. An expert on issues related to humanoids became alert and called the heavenly casus an attack from the "green men".

"The bombing has begun! Unidentified flying objects no longer want to hide, and now the aliens have noticed in Minnesota," said a specialist working with mysterious cases.

Ethan is thrilled that the spacecraft was not afraid to be declassified, from which it can be concluded that aliens no longer intend to hide and are going to contact people, which may not be the most friendly. The extraordinary scientist also added that nothing like this had happened before.

Trowbridge did not forget to recall the mysterious planet Nibiru, inhabited, according to some of his colleagues, by some Anunnaki, suggesting that the ship could belong to these beings. As is known, according to legend, the cosmic body, which is often found in the mass media today, will soon have to collide with the Earth and cause the end of the world for people.

Skeptics, in their turn, are in no hurry to believe in the existence of aliens after this incident. Some part of the adherents of traditional science considers the content to be fake. According to them, a large UFO just does not seem natural. Other opponents of all that can not be proved rationally, he called what he saw in the video with rays of searchlight directed into the night sky.

First, immediately two unidentified objects frightened the inhabitants of Miami. What is interesting, then the researchers, like some eyewitnesses, also spoke about Nibiru. Not really, however, it is clear which of the lights belonged to the mysterious planet. Luminous ovals for some time randomly flew over the city and terrified the witnesses of an incomprehensible anomaly, as if examining the ground for their subsequent actions.

Recently, in the United States, which are already the first in the list of countries most often visited by aliens, the flow of “flying saucer” arrivals has increased significantly, and this arrangement worries not only the relevant specialists, but also the government. Not long ago, the country's president, Donald Trump, said that he wanted to know everything that American ufologists achieved in their field in 2018.