Aliens landed in Antarctica? Experts shared interesting photos

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Aliens landed in Antarctica? Experts shared interesting photos

Antarctica, which recently is almost the most attractive place for ufologists, again reminded of itself. This time a strange object was noticed there, in connection with which rumors appeared in the media about the new fall of the alien spacecraft. At the moment, entertaining news is being discussed on the Web by skeptics and those who believe in the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization.

As alternative scientists have reported, they are headlong into a new riddle, in Antarctica, which has long attracted, as they believe, aliens, their ship again crashed. It does not exclude the possibility that the aircraft just landed. But the first option is more likely, UFO experts said, adding that the humanoid ship may have been hit by someone else in space.

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Photographs taken from orbit, of course, were also marked up on the Internet, but not everyone was surprised by such content. Lovers of rational thinking, in turn, wrote that the pictures are all too blurry, so nothing really can not be seen. By the way, as adherents of classical science admitted, they could not believe in aliens in any case, but they are ready to agree with the next use of photoshop even now.

Earlier it became known that scientists found a mysterious object on Mars, which forced them to undertake his research.